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Touch to clear all cache, call histories, default settings and SD card

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Update November 16, 2020 (2 weeks ago)
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  • No LP or Google Play Modded needed;
  • App work offline;
  • Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions Receivers and Services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
  • AOSP compatible.

Most mobile device users, when starting to buy a new device, will notice the first thing is the configuration, then the device’s memory. Because they want to be free to do whatever they like, play high-end graphics games, and save sharp pictures, they will notice the device’s capacity. There are cases where a user has too much stuff inside their device and doesn’t know what to do to handle it and get more free space. Or some devices are often tested for everything like data, browsing history and other things. But now you are no longer afraid of such problems, because “1Tap Cleaner” is the most useful cleaning tool for your device. As a product that publisher Sam Lu is most proud of, with over 5 million downloads to Google play, it has become one of the best tools for mobile devices.


The most basic of it is the ability to scan the entire folder in your memory, then it will analyze each folder in detail such as size, number of files, and even sorted by size of that directory. From here users can easily select the files that occupy the most space and make a decision to handle them. You do not have to delete it, you can keep it, you can delete all unimportant files to free up memory.

This application not only interacts with each device’s memory, but external memory cards can also be scanned with this application. The entire folder inside the memory card will be analyzed like the device memory. The memory and the memory card can both be categorized as files contained inside. Users can easily delete unnecessary files without fear of mistaken deletion.

When it comes to deletion, users can recover deleted files. While this may seem impossible with other devices or applications, it is completely possible to recover files that users accidentally deleted. After deleting it, it will be saved to the device cache, and after confirmation, it is no longer needed, it will completely delete the file. In other words, this recovery process needs to be short-lived after deletion, and beyond the specified time, it cannot be restored.

Besides, the application can also trace the cache of each application, the Cache will exist at the same time with the application. If the user deletes the application, it is still not enough. Because of this, it will also categorize the cache separately, users can clear the entire cache or delete some of the unnecessary applications. At the same time, clearing the cache may take place even though there is no need to clear the application. However, all data and information will no longer be saved, so users need to be careful about clearing the cache.

Browsing history is no exception with this application, you are afraid of others checking the search history on the website? It can also help you quickly delete your entire history without having to access the application. Besides deleting your browsing history, it can also delete call history or messages. Deleting a call or message history will not affect your contacts. Just become more secretive and more secretive. can avoid censorship from parents.

If you always want your memory to always be free, and remove unnecessary files. Then maybe “1Tap Cleaner” will help you with this problem, all actions are very simple, with just one tap the application will complete your request.

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