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Can say Photoshop is one of the most respected applications at the moment. Basically, now people are very interested in taking photos and saving their memories, so these applications are much more critical. People do not need to spend too many resources on having a beautiful and artistic image. Just a smartphone with a stable camera system is okay. So many people search for applications that can create beautiful photos that run on popular operating systems like Android and iOS. Adobe also understood that, so their most prominent names, Photoshop and Lightroom, were ported to smartphones for ease of use. Our website offers these two applications for free, including advanced features that are also unlocked. You can become a professional photographer yourself.

This is entirely true when the user can UPGRADE, STYLE, AND SHARE THE PHOTO EASILY thanks to Adobe Photoshop Express. Many people have commented that it is one of the applications that makes editing images easy and understandable. If compared to other forms of the same genre, it has more significant potential, but the use is not too different. With fast and easy photo editing, millions of people with limitless creativity have used Photoshop Express. It seems to be a close and trustworthy friend.


Indeed, any application that is considered easy to use will have a higher position in the market now. Modern life, so it becomes an easy-to-use digital studio. As before, when you open Photoshop on a PC, it will probably be overwhelming because it contains so many professional and advanced functions. Users who want to do anything must also see instructions and learn first. “Photoshop Express” is different; it is just like other applications of the same category but has a higher power. In full, the editing features are all set in the app so that you can turn your photos as if they were taken by professionals.

There are so many apps that talk about personalizing your experience. “Photoshop Express” of course understands the importance of this, so all the features are for example contours, text and enhance color, imagery; create collages; Quick photo editing, … It can be done with just a few touches of the screen. Besides, users can share-worthy moments by all means they know, post on Facebook, for example. And one thing I have to repeat many times is that everything is free.

Main Features

PERSPECTIVE CORRECTION: is one of the things that you have to use every time you want to capture a moment that you accidentally see. They will be very confusing because you have to take a snapshot, so Auto Settings will help users to edit the messy photos right away. Transform Tool will make the camera no longer deflected.

REMOVE NOISE: is also a tool to increase the quality of photos you take quickly. Often these images will be affected by tiny particles. Features will help you clean Color Noise as well as make it smoother. The main consequence is that the details are also sharpened, returning the image to its most beautiful state.

APPLY BLUR: once you get a sharp picture and don’t get damaged by any factor, you will have to think about highlighting its main element. Radial Blur allows users to quickly make the photo become much more focused on the main character; the background will be blurred. Full Blur features is a tool that helps you create movement.

ADD BORDERS AND TEXT: for example, a photo does not always invite art ideas, right? Sometimes it can become a meme. So people use Photoshop to add tickers or texts, … To make it a lot more fun. With this application, you can take advantage of a lot of fonts, colors, and opacity controls. Watermarks are also an important thing to keep in mind if you are a creator of products that make people laugh.

FILTERS AND EFFECTS: Of course, the essential part of a photo editing application that you use in your smartphone. Looks categories: Black and White, Portrait, Nature, and Duotones bring different emotions to the picture. Color Temperature, Vibrance, and other color effects will always accompany you to create the best moments.

All link download for Adobe Photoshop Express
Download Adobe Photoshop Express (Armeabi-v7a)
V6.9.774 (Premium)
Download Adobe Photoshop Express (Arm64-v8a)
V6.9.774 (Premium)
Download Adobe Photoshop Express (Armeabi-v7a)
V6.8.603 (Premium)
Download Adobe Photoshop Express (Arm64-v8a)
V6.8.603 (Premium)

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