Among Us (MENU MOD)

Grab him, impostor!

App Name Among Us
Size 102M
Latest Version 2021.4.2 b139
MOD Info Unlocked All/Menu
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Update April 14, 2021 (13 hours ago)
Download (102M)


[Player Menu]

  1. Show Crew/Impostor
  2. No Kill Cooldown
  3. End Vote
  4. Move In Meeting
  5. Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  6. No Meeting Cooldown
  7. No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  8. Force All Enter Vent
  9. Force All Leave Vent
  10. Sabotage Lights
  11. Repair Sabotage
  12. Torch Distance
  13. Close Doors
  14. See Ghost + Chat
  15. Complete Tasks
  16. Select Text
  17. Spam
  18. Colour Picker
  19. Vote Colour

[Movement Menu]

  1. Speed

[Host Menu] 

  1. Always Impostor – [ Credit To Yeowang For Helping Out ]
  2. End Game [ Impostors Win ]
  3. End Game [ Crew Wins ]
  4. Instant Win [ Enable Before Starting ]
  5. Random Colours
  6. Random Hats
  7. Random Skins
  8. Random Pets
  9. Change Everyone’s Name

 [Account Menu]

  1. Unlocked Skins
  2. Unlocked Pets
  3. Unlocked Hats

[Misc Menu]

  1. No Ads
  2. No Leave Penalty
  3. Increased Report [Buggy]
  4. Confirm Injected
  5. Long Kill
  6. Player 2/3 = Impostor [Requires Always Impostor Being On]


  1. Chat Always Visible

Modded by Axey

  • Some features of the ‘MOD V1’ version are highly likely to be discovered, to avoid this you can use the ‘Lite’ version but also means there will be fewer features;
  • Game doesn’t offers Google login method. Unsigned APK not necessary to be available;
  • If you cannot install the game, try uninstalling the original version before installing the mod apk.

➡ Player Speed (Slider)
➡ Ghost Player Speed (Slider)
➡ Player Colour (Slider)
➡ No Leave Cooldown
➡ Unlock All Pets
➡ Unlock All Hats
➡ Unlock All Skins
➡ Light Increase
➡ Increased Report Distance
➡ Out of Map [After First Vote]
➡ No Door Sabotage Cooldown
➡ No Kill Cooldown
➡ Illegal Name
➡ No Emergency Cooldown
➡ Unlimited Emergencies
➡ No Ads
➡ Fake Godmode
➡ Make Everyone Green [Visual]
➡ Move During Tasks/Meetings/Menus
➡ Chat Always Visible
➡ Close Doors (Spinner)
➡ Repair Systems (Spinner)
➡ Sabotage Systems (Spinner)
➡ Noclip
➡ Player 2/3 = Impostor
➡ Username Character Bypass
➡ Fake Impostor [Turn on in lobby, then off when in game]
➡ Randomize Tasks [1]
➡ Always Impostor
➡ Complete All Tasks
➡ Voting Never Ends
➡ Impostor Count [0-10] (Slider)
➡ End Vote (Spinner)
➡ End Game [Screen Might Go Black] (Spinner)
➡ Random Hat Changer [Only use one of these]
➡ Random Skin Changer [Only use one of these]
➡ Random Pet Changer [Only use one of these]
➡ Random Colour Changer [Only use one of these]
➡ Location Teleporter [Beta]
➡ Vote Player (Spinner)

You can choose any clothes, hats and pets (after connecting to the room, go to your laptop, click Customize and select the things you want in the Hat, Pet and Skin sections).

Survival games are what many players choose to entertain. Especially in recent times, there are many titles on this topic for players to choose. Players will have to fight to gain life full of difficulties to be able to get. Among those titles, there are some very famous titles, such as PUBG or Grim Soul, both of which are famous on two different platforms, PC and mobile. But some survival games are more special than others when there is different gameplay than other names for players to experience. A name with a different playing style than the ones that players often see is Among Us for players to enjoy. In other games, the fighting element is to compete for life, but this game is not, the player does not fight but scrambles differently. This makes this game has an interesting thing of its own for players to experience. If you’re bored with regular games, this will be a game that players should experience.

Maybe a familiar board game, maybe special

The game’s setting takes place at an unreasonable station, where only a few people live to perform the missions. Originally everything is going well, and the job is perfect for reporting on the ground. But for some reason, the space station suddenly had an issue that caused the system to no longer function as usual. All members of the space station are looking for a way to fix this error to get things back to normal. All of them assumed that some random glitches caused this problem and caused a system failure. But they do not know that an impostor is trying to destroy this space station and kill everyone. So what will happen to all, whether the way members of the space station will survive or is the impostor will survive after all? It all depends on the choice of the members and players to lead to different results.

Become an astronaut or an impostor?

When the player just started the game, the player will be randomly selected to become an impostor or a member of the crew to play the game. Each player will have four to ten members to start the game. Each person has a different function and task to perform. Depending on the player, you become a hunter, and the impostor becomes prey to be hunted or the opposite. If the player can complete the mission first, you can able to win. If the player lets the opponent finish their task first, the player loses. So try to achieve your mission to win that stage.

Become an astronaut

If the player becomes an astronaut, the player needs to fix the error that is happening to win. But this journey will be very long if the player splits up to fix those errors. But if the player goes alone, things are more difficult because the impostor can kill you. Players need to discuss carefully with other players to devise a reasonable strategy to win. There is another way the player can win, which is killing the impostor. The player will not know who the impostor is, so if he feels suspicious of someone, he can vote to kill him. Other players will vote together with the player; if most decide that it is an impostor, then they will die. Once the impostor is dead, the player can repair the space station to complete the game. But if it is not, the player will be less than one member and will take longer to complete and will be more dangerous. So before voting, be careful to find reasonable evidence to kill him.

Becoming an impostor

If the player is chosen to become an impostor, the player will have the task of destroying the space station to win. While others are trying to fix, the player will reverse the process to destroy them. Also, like astronauts, there is another way to win, which is to kill everyone. But the player can not rush in to kill them all, because the player will be killed before completion. So players need to carefully lure their prey to a place where there is no one to eliminate them. Players will eliminate someone, because each time the player kills one, it will take time to prepare for the next. If you want to win by yourself, so get your work done

Download Among Us (MENU MOD)

Download (102M)

You are now ready to download Among Us for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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