Angry Birds Transformers

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    June 30, 2020 at 3:46 am

Surely you are not new to the Angry Birds hit series, and if you are a passionate fan, you cannot help but know to the Angry Birds Transformers version. This is a combination of series: Transformers and Angry Birds. Here you will meet familiar birds control the transforming robots to fight with evil enemies who are plotting to sabotage and annex the beautiful Piggy Island.

Coming to Angry Birds Transformers, you will see the familiar heroic forces such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, or Chuck will be recreated in the form of powerful and crazy birds. Contrary to the “fragile” appearance of the familiar angry birds in the previous angry bird series, the crazy bird robot in Angry Birds Transformers launched players with the presence combined with giant robots. Giant is equipped with armor and many modern weapons with high destructive power. Not to mention the birds also have arms and legs, something you’ve never seen before instead of just having a circular shape like in the original series! Angry Birds Transformers with the storyline still revolves around the legendary battle between crazy birds and the obnoxious blue pigs and retains the familiar auto-running action. Your gun is a slingshot to shoot down pigs; instead, it is the most advanced ammunition gun from the Transformers game series and even uses a high-level laser gun. With just a few simple steps, you can transform the birds to become trucks or racing cars at your disposal. However, there are many levels and bravery of the birds that are not enough to defeat the enemy; now, you need to ally with your opponent like Deceptihogs to make a difference and benefit in the confrontation fight.

Another difference of Angry Birds Transformers is that the game no longer uses the 3-star scoring system, but instead, your achievement will be the sum of the number of blue pigs destroyed in each level and gold coins. This achievement will help you unlock more new robots to assemble into the Autobird squad, as well as use the money to upgrade robots and heal faster, upgrade more weapons to become stronger and more capable every time you transform.

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