List of APPS
Smart Launcher 5
Smart Launcher 5 is an application that is able to change the look and layout of everything the way you want on your device. If you yourself always want a new experience when using the device, you can start with this application and explore all the useful features that it will bring to you. In […]

YAATA – SMS/MMS Messaging
YAATA – SMS/MMS Messaging is a messaging app that everyone will need to replace the outdated default. When the default messaging application can no longer satisfy the needs of users anymore, do not hesitate, please download this application. This application will bring users a lot of great features that are nowhere to be found for […]

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary
iTranslate – a perfect application for you to learn foreign languages ​​and use in travel purposes. So do you want to own this application on your phone? Usages Basically, iTranslate is an application that converts the meaning of vocabulary, and it will help you understand the generalization of a strange language. With this application, you […]

GameGuardian is an application that allows players to change the parameters of a certain offline game. It can be said that it is a third software to help players in hacking, cheat, … Note that this application is not able to work with most online games, so users must carefully read the instructions before use. […]

Canva – the best photo editing and graphic design tool for smartphones you can find in the app store. So are you ready to create your own photo? Usages Canva is basically a beautiful photo design app from the photos you have, or you can also use the resources of this app and create one […]

Nox Cleaner
Nox Cleaner – the most efficient and reliable device optimization software for smartphones. If you want your device to operate more efficiently and safely, this is definitely an application you cannot ignore. Usages Nox Cleaner is basically an application to clean junk, booster, optimize, and remove malicious viruses hiding in your device. A lot of […]

DJ Loop Pads
DJ is a job that requires creativity and a unique style of music. Therefore, there are many famous DJs in the world, and they have a large number of fans. Referring to famous DJs, we can mention some outstanding names such as Tiesto (Ritual, God Is A Dance …), Martin Garrix (Scared To Be Lonely, […]

Music - Audio
Candy Camera
Candy Camera is a smart photo viewer, it is one of the best photography tools used by more than 100 million people worldwide. Not only that, but it also comes with a special photo editing system to help people create unique photos from RAW images. FEATURES RAW This type of format is an image that […]

FaceApp Pro
Taking pictures is a job that many people love and do around the world, especially in young people today. Photography has become a hobby for many people around the world, not only to store their memories but also to post on social networks. Currently, on the market, there are many different photography apps to support […]

Cooking Mama
If you are looking for a soothing simulation game to relax, then you will want to check out Cooking Mama. This game is like a simulation game with simple and friendly graphics for any age players. The main simulation work will be cooking and many other activities related to maintaining a talented chef’s restaurant. You’ll […]