List of Communication
YAATA – SMS/MMS Messaging
YAATA – SMS/MMS Messaging is a messaging app that everyone will need to replace the outdated default. When the default messaging application can no longer satisfy the needs of users anymore, do not hesitate, please download this application. This application will bring users a lot of great features that are nowhere to be found for […]

Are you tired of receiving spam messages and advertising calls all day? Not only ads but even some are scams. You have a headache because of how to think? You tried to block those numbers but then another number called. The advertising system through phone numbers is so powerful that it is difficult for users […]

Pulse SMS
Pulse is a messaging application whose interface is designed to be simple but easy to impress users because of its distinctive color. Not just that, the difference between this application and other messaging applications, Pulse also comes with advanced features in messaging. Ensure users are always comfortable when texting with people and easily speak your […]