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    October 21, 2020 at 3:13 pm
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  • Immortality
  • Reduced weapon recoil.

The bank robbery is about to come, will you be quick enough, focused and calm to complete this mission? Armed Heist is a game that can test your ability and level, so download this game to your phone to experience right now.


In the world of action games for smartphones, you can encounter many FPS or TPS games with interesting gameplay and content. But, whether it is any game when it is released, it has its special features to make it different and leave a deep impression on the gamers, and Armed Heist. also. Unlike other games, the context of this game is very special, namely, it will take you to a sinful city. However, you will not be on the side of the police, who represent the good that will protect the innocent, but on the contrary, you will participate in the robbery of the century. And the robberies that you join will be mentioned by many people in the criminal world with respect. To increase the drama and authenticity, you will participate in armed battles in TPS mode, this is the game mode that many gamers love, and it has been maintained through many popular games. group.

Your task in this game is not simple because you will have to both rob the target of the amount of money, and have to prepare mentally to confront the problems that the police create. Complete as many robberies then you will need to train more professionalism, and level up your character because the police will create more difficulty when you continue the robbery. For big robberies, you will not be able to achieve the goal if you go alone and cannot reach the base without many support members. Therefore, after saving a large amount of money, you will need to hire new members, and they should also be active in all aspects to be able to support you well in more reckless tasks… As far as I can see, the way to control the character actors in this game is not too difficult to get used to because you have probably encountered the layout of these control buttons in many other action games. And this control will also make you feel excited and more excited in the dramatic task.


  • With Armed Heist, you will experience a rich task system arranged by level in the campaign system. The special feature of this game is that you will not encounter any missions that repeat and look similar to the previous one because the difference will make the robbery missions in the game more realistic.
  • Feature to upgrade characters and weapon systems in this game is also a special point that you cannot ignore. The game gives you over 30 unique weapons with some accessories that you can buy. Not only that, all of these weapons are specifically classified so you can distinguish and weigh them for each mission. Besides, you can also change their skins to make it unique.
  • In addition, the game also gives you a variety of masks to disguise and create your own style in the process of performing robbery missions.

In my opinion, Armed Heist is one of the games worth downloading to your phone. If you are interested in this game, please download it to your phone to experience.

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Download Armed Heist
V2.1.1 (MOD, Immortality)

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