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You can play locked levels;
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Since the advent of video games on gaming machines, the racing genre has always been one of the biggest choices. Now, many years have passed since then, but the hotness of racing games is still there without any sign of decline. There have been very popular racing game series such as Asphalt or Real Racing, both of which are the most popular racing games currently. But you’re tired of just driving your car on ordinary flat roads, you want something more intense, more powerful – Welcome to Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing, another game in the Asphalt series of games. But the game is unlike other parts of the series, the game belongs to the genre of racing but is a unique off-road racing game for players who love the wild of nature. The game is produced by Gameloft SE, this is a publisher that is very popular among players. They’ve had a lot of popular games since they didn’t have smartphones. Do you want to experience the brutal wildness of the game? Download Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing now to be able to feel the best of the great experience that the game brings. Participate in terrain races around the world.


Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing has a racing-style that depends a lot on the player’s driving skills. You will have many missions to drive your bunkers through roads full of dangers such as the road covered with yellow sand in the desert, the path with many marshes of tropical forests, the road is flooded with the white color of snow … To be able to cross the roads you will need powerful cars, and also need a great racing skill. To steer your vehicle to the left or right, you can tilt your phone screen to the side to allow the vehicle to move. If you encounter sections of difficulty then drift the wheel to easily pass. You need to tilt your phone and touch the screen area on the left to brake and drift. When drifting, you will accumulate nitro, in addition to accumulating thanks to drift, there are also nitro pots scattered evenly between levels. When players hit these nitro tanks, you will be partially charged nitro into a bar. Nitro works to help you speed up by increasing the speed of your vehicle to overcome rivals. If your skills are not very good, then one way to win is to knock down the opponent in front of you so they have to start over at check-point.


The game has up to 5 different game modes so that players can experience many different senses, here are a few points in the special mode in the game. First, to mention Versus Mode, this is the fighting mode between 2 players together. The two players will race against each other, but not just simple racing, but also to dodge other vehicles along the way. This is a mode that requires a lot of control skills of the player because if there is a collision with the other vehicles, you will be left behind. In all the modes, all have in common is that everyone must be the first to win the race. Online mode, this is a model that consists of 8 different players around the world, in other words, you will be connected to 7 other players in the same match. This game mode has a very high level of difficulty because your opponent is not a virtual program anymore but the players like you. In this Online mode, there will be a clear ranking system, the more you win, the higher your rank in the leaderboard. Please engrave your name on the game rankings to prove your ability offline. There are also many other modes waiting for you to explore.


Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing is said to be a game that can replace the legend of the racing game is Asphalt 8: Airborne. So the game also has many outstanding features than its predecessor.
Vehicle System: If you are bored with the speed racing cars and the style for flat asphalt roads, the game will bring you a whole new racing system. The game gathers all of the rugged terrain racing cars of many genres, such as Monster Truck, SUV, Buggy … All are the most famous offroad cars of famous brands such as Jeep, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Predator … The number of racing cars in the game is up to more than 50 vehicles, all of which are monsters and strong monster cars for terrain racing.

Upgrading & Editing Exterior: Players can upgrade their racing cars to make them faster, stronger to help you win the races. You have the ability to upgrade engines, nitro systems, brakes … all for finding the leading position for you. The exterior is also the favorite game of many players, there is countless colorful and beautiful exterior you can customize for your car. You can own external items by purchasing in-game currency as the in-game Token or opening in-game item chests. Choose for yourself a costume that you like to participate in the intense race. Race Around the World: Coming to this game, you will experience the feeling of racing in famous locations around the world. See the beauty all over the world, all zoomed in and out on your phone. Racing venues such as Svalbard are covered in ice everywhere, towering Alps and covered in a pure white color, crossing Phuket Bay of Thailand … All are famous places all over the world. Come to the game to drop yourself into that beauty!!!


Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing has a realistic 3D graphics format, each scene, machine details are made extremely honestly. You will have a great sense of the truth of the game when playing the game you will feel like you are sitting behind the cockpit and holding the steering wheel. You will be racing on the roads with beautiful scenery, but the terrain is extremely difficult, be careful with the bogs, sand … in the game. Players have just felt the beauty of the scenery and the difficulties that terrain brings, all thanks to the ingenious hands of the game’s creative team.


The in-game effect is smooth and flexible, so you won’t feel any lag in the game. The boost or fly effects are extremely vivid. The sound in the game is not less than the one mentioned, which is also one of the factors determining the success of the game. The sound in the game is vivid, catch the ears, the sound of the engine resounds like a beast screaming in the ears.

A great combination of elements in the game has made a great game like Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing. Coming to the game, you will feel the truth like never appeared in any previous games. Download Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing now to experience it now.

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