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    January 15, 2020 at 8:42 pm

Currently, the movement of making videos with music is very popular among young people, because through it, they will express the expressions or dance to the rhythm of the music. Some people also talk to each other to combine and create an extremely attractive MV, easily reaching a large number of viewers on social networks. Or through that, some people can create videos with humorous content, along with special effects that make the images come alive and catch the eye of the viewer. There are countless different genres of music that we humans can create with a rich imagination. And today, I will show you a great application that can help you in creating a new MV just for you. It’s Stefan Schindler’s AudioVision, the special thing about this application is that it can also become a music player with countless songs currently on the market today.


To get 1 MV, the first thing is a song that you love the most, you can go to the home page of the application and search for that song, here the music search section you can also find Search in different ways. You can search by music genre, based on keywords or the name of the artist, band, … Just enter the related keywords and the search results will show all.

After selecting your song, the next will be the MV creation section. First, you need to record a video of your action and play music through the speakerphone in order to easily perform the rhythm of the music correctly. Once completed, we will continue to edit, to be able to support users to create the best MV, it will include a lot of great features.


Depending on the person shooting the video, they will decide the effect for their video, there are many different types of effects and will be divided into separate sections. You only need to enter the keywords related to the effect you want, the result will show all. If you do not want to search, you can choose the effects that are being used most by other users.
Besides effects, you can choose filters, it works to change the image quality and even the content of the video. A default video will not attract enough viewers because it is too sketchy and crude. The application now has more than 30 different filters for users, just use the right kind of quality your video will be improved to a new level.

There is one thing that can make a video more engaging, you know what it is? That is the text, some MVs just need to use the right type of text to make a video special. This Text feature can be inserted anywhere on the video, you can adjust the time of appearance and segment to appear. The special thing about Text is that you can change its font, size, and color if the font matches the content or color of the MV. It can make viewers interested in the videos. Next is the advanced video editing feature, with this feature you can freely adjust the color and background color. Change the image quality and frame rate, some cameras when recording movies, the frame rate is very slow and the quality is not clear. But that doesn’t make any sense for this app, just a little bit of time is the image will be processed clearly.

If you are a celebrity lover and are constantly uploading Selfie Videos, you might want to try using this “AudioVision”. Make sure you will not be disappointed when using it.

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