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RPGs are a genre that receives a lot of interest from players around the world and is an excellent choice for entertainment. Today, this is still a trendy genre, and there are many famous games of this genre for players to choose from. But players don’t want to be confined to a specific space; they want something more interesting to experience. The game that brings many players into one game, a genre upgraded from the RPG, MMORPG, was born. Since it was first released, this game genre has received a lot of attention from players and an exciting way to play games together. Aura Kingdom 2 is a game of this genre that was released not long ago, and it an excellent choice for you.

Compared to the PC version, the game’s story has been kept the same, so if you have ever played the game, you will quickly understand the game. The human world is threatened by the Shadow Knight, who has the ambition to invade the world to become a ruler. Players will be playing the Envoys to be able to fight and fight against this tyrant. Players will not have to fight alone, but you can stick with the Eidolon to be able to prevent the invasion of the lord of the Shadow Knight.

Diverse character classes

From the beginning of the game, you will a character is required to participate in the game, and that will be the character representing the player. The game will bring players four different classes for players to choose from. These choices are Lancer, Archer, Mage, Assassin, and each class will have different characteristics for the player to use. Players can select characters that match the player’s playstyle to start the game. For example, Assassin has fast speed and high mutation skills when fighting, but HP and endurance will not be too high. Or Lancer, although the dame caused will be greater and have more stamina but won’t have fast speed, so it’s easy to catch up.

Recruit Eidolons to build battle squads

Eidolons are not the main characters for the player to fight, and one is a sub-system of the game that supports the player. Players need to look for these Eidolons to build a five-member fighting squad. The player who plays the most critical role in this squad and controls everything will be the player’s character. As for the remaining four people, they will function as a support to the battle process of the player. The Eidolons will also be divided into various functions, including attack, recovery, and buff for the player to use. Players can combine their functions to form the strongest squad.

Perform the mission

In most RPG games, the task is indispensable for players to perform. Each time a player completes a mission, they will receive regular items such as money, EXP to level up and equipment. Through the tasks assigned to the player to do, you can explore the story of the game. Players will be able to adventure to many different lands to perform the assigned tasks.

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