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    May 8, 2020 at 3:04 am
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Phones have long been an excellent tool for our daily work. They allow us to do essential things both in work and in daily life. Through decades of continuous development, we can now make calls to anywhere in the world we want. In the time that the phone still not be invented, you can only write to each other so you can talk to each other. The phone has become an indispensable part of anyone, even children to the elderly. Children can use their phones so they can call their parents to pick them up after school, and older people can call their distant children.

There are important moments in phone calls that users want to store so they can listen to them later. Then download the app that allows users to record calls “Automatic Call Recorder Pro” which is one of the best call recording applications available on the market today. The application was developed by Appliqato, a developer that is entirely unknown to users around the world. But for this application, it will give users a great experience, and this is a very useful application to experience.


Call Recording

This is the most important feature of the application, and this has brought the app to many users around the world. In your work, there will be times when you have to work with your boss or partner of users via phone. It is possible that your business partner is abroad or has no conditions to be able to communicate directly with you. But once you exchange information over the phone, there are sometimes when you can’t hear everything clearly at once. Or users do not have the speed to be able to record all the important information. Not only that, but for some people who are in love, they will not be able to meet, the only way to hear each other’s voices is to call each other. If the user wants to record those conversations so that they can be saved for listening in important times, the application will support users a lot. Users can listen to conversations with their boss to understand everything that your boss or partner wants to say.

Excellent Quality

This is the feature that made the name of this application and received much love from users. And this is also the application that makes this app different from other applications in the same category. The quality of the recordings is incredibly useful, much better than other applications to give users the best experience. There will be no lag that makes the user not hear clearly when the user uses this application to record calls. The app is always guaranteed to give users the best possible experience.


All user recordings will be stored in the “Inbox” section, and the user can also choose the location of the “Inbox” located in internal or external memory. The number of recordings will be limited to a certain extent to ensure the user’s device works well. When “Inbox” is full, the application will automatically delete all of it to continue its work. So if users want to store any important recordings, move them to the “Saved Calls” section to avoid being deleted. Besides, the application also supports users to upload these recordings to the cloud memory to be downloaded at any time. This is also a great option in case the user accidentally deleted something essential or lost the phone.

Quick Action

The speed of performing the recording work of this application will make users feel a lot of surprises. There will be some other applications with the same functionality that users will need to take some time to be able to store the recording. But for this application, there is no such thing happening, right the moment the user hanging up, the recordings have been stored for users to listen again. This is extremely convenient, and users will not need to wait for a second at all to be able to listen to the recording.

“Automatic Call Recorder Pro” will be an excellent tool for users in their work and life, helping users to store things that are important to them.

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V6.08.4 (Patched)

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