Brawl Stars

"Fun 3v3 and Battle Royale"
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    Unlimited Money/Unlocked All
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    July 3, 2020 at 1:19 am
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  • Unlimited Resources
  • All Skins Available
  • All Brawlers Available
  • Dozens Of Maps
  • Unlimited EveryThing

Supercell has been successful for a long time with products that attract hundreds of millions of players such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach. Their success also comes from the fact that making this game offers products with very high diversity, both in gameplay, storyline and character design style. Each product they create has a particular manner, bringing new and attractive to them. It is these elements that word the fans with the manufacturer very long, until the present time.

Brawl Stars is not a new game but it is the focus of Supercell’s construction. Can see information about this game in many places on the internet. Its publisher used its potential to broadcast ads and attract more players. Overall it also achieved tremendous success with over 50 million downloads only on Google Play. Not to mention, it is also a hot game released on the App Store.


It is not too strange for this product to receive meticulous care from the production team. The proof is that this game is continuously patched to serve the growing needs of gamers. It even updates a whole new world, plays it, and learn. Of course, this place will have differences compared to the places you go to. Retropolis will provide you with entirely new costumes. They will make the whole system of the game more productive. Not to mention that it will add a lot of new environments and maps. This will be the place for future battles between you and tough opponents.

In addition to waiting for a positive change in the environment and arena, players will witness the event of an entirely new character. Bibi will appear in this arena as a rare Brawl Warrior. He is a character who uses the power of a wand. It allows this character to be able to knock the opponent out of the danger range. However, this skill will have a very long, cooldown time. Because if you can keep pushing an opponent out of battle, it’s like you’re fighting with an overwhelming force over your opponent. This is too easy for you to achieve an absolute victory. Moreover, this girl also has the skill to help herself hit a ball of gum that bounces. This tool will continuously move between enemy formations and kill. Under ideal conditions, you can cause more damage than anyone.

In addition to these updates, you will witness a lot of small changes but bring much more convenience. The first is the communication and community building of the game. In the past, it brought a huge community and a group of people who share the same passion into clubs. Players will be allowed to increase their club interactions with letters greatly. Information to you will be updated continuously to offer attractive offers for battle battles to receive huge rewards. In the end, it will be balanced balances and give different contents about the story and lore of champions.


The graphic design in the game is one of the things that make gamers most satisfied. In the trailers, it can be seen that it uses full 3D graphics with extremely bright colors. The character is designed with this publisher’s style throughout and many different products. It’s like it’s become a brand, so as long as you see it, you can guess that this is Supercell’s game.

When you rush into battle, you will be taken to a reasonably narrow arena. This will probably make some people feel cramped, but on the contrary, it offers much higher-speed gameplay. With a large number of participants in a game, there are always about 4 to 6 participants in the battle. This makes the player’s confrontation rate much higher. Players will have to clash with other opponents constantly, and many different situations occur. For example, you will have to help your teammates get out of trouble. Or two people will have to create different tactics to gain an advantage in fighting. In general, it has a quite similar playing mechanism to MOBA games that gives you extremely high competitive feelings.

3v3 and Battle Royale

One thing, in particular, is that its arena is hugely diverse and there is not a specific form at all. With such a space, the game team gave a lot of different objects to create many types of terrain. These factors make a difference in tactics that allow players to customize many different situations in attack and defense. Thanks to this, the game offers many different game modes. At least there are always five game modes available so you can freely choose. Each style will have different purposes, defining how the player participates in a match. Besides, during the week of the year, there will be unique modes to be released regularly to help players get huge rewards. The ranking system is always the ultimate goal of players because it shows the level and strength as well as the experience of longtime players.

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Download Brawl Stars
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