Candy Crush Saga

"One of the classic and best match-3 game"
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    Moves/Lives/All Unlocked
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    October 22, 2020 at 2:08 am
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[MOD V1]

  • Unlock All Levels/Episodes

[MOD V2]

  • 100 + Moves.
  • Infinite Lives.
  • Unlock All levels.
  • Unlock all Episodes.
  • Bomb Counter set to 99Double all Times.
  • Infinite Boosters.

Are you a fan of sweet candies? Have you ever wanted to try and experience a world full of sweet things like candies? That will no longer be a dream because now there is a game that will give you a sense of colorful and sweet as it will lead you to a world full of sweet candy that will appear before your eyes and that’s Candy Crush Saga. From the leading game development company King, which launched and developed many games of the Puzzles genre and was well received by the popular game series Candy Crush. Since its launch, Candy Crush Saga has been downloaded more than 500 million times and stormed all the app stores when this game has been the top continuously for many years on two charts: The most popular free app and App with the highest total revenue.

Thereby, it showed the influence of the game on the whole country. This game has become a “brand face” and earned profits up to billions of dollars for the company itself and thereby paving the way to develop more different versions to form a huge game series. giants like: Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga, … So why wait any longer without downloading “Candy Crush Saga” to be able to delight the world experience That sweetness that this game brings.


Candy Crush Saga still follows the classic simple and easy to understand puzzles for first-time players of this game. The operation of the match-3 game is still in that classic trend, players will have to arrange 3 candies with the same color together in two straight lines along the horizontal or vertical lines. They will be automatically removed to make way for the other fell down. In addition, when players combine 4 or more candies, they will become a booster unit with many different effects such as: eating one row, exploding all the surrounding candy, eating all the same color. If the player is observant and carefully calculated to be able to take advantage of putting the booster units into one time and exploding them all to create a combos effect full of attractive and satisfying players. In addition, players can also collect more boosters outside the game screen so that they can be used at the beginning of the screen or other items to help players during the game to complete the level easily.

The condition to complete the screen is that the player will have to complete the task system given in each screen including up to five categories arranged alternately to create a new game for the player. In addition, each screen is also calculated on a 3-star scale depending on the number of points that the player earns when removing candies with combos and can race top with many other players. However, if the player cannot complete the mission of each level, he will lose a life and must continue to play again until he can pass another level. Players can only replay up to about 5 times per network that players use. To recover a network, the player must wait for a real-time in real life. Not to mention “Candy Crush Saga” has a large number of screens up to more than 4500 levels as well as different difficulty levels will have to test perseverance, acumen and have smart gameplay that players can forge. honing your abilities to become better.


With very charismatic and attractive gameplay, the feature of Candy Crush Saga is not inferior when the game brings many new and interesting features that will help. For players to have a relaxing, comfortable experience. With thousands of levels as well as many interesting puzzle genres in this candy world will be expanded into sections, each section will have up to 15 different levels and each part will lead people to follow the storyline. very attractive and attractive. In each game level, players will be familiar with the mode from easy to difficult will help all players of all ages can enjoy and develop their skills to a new level. The game will have many different events updated weekly to help players earn more attractive rewards and participate in time-limited challenges to accumulate more boosters to help you pass easily. Players can also relax when playing with friends and their kidneys through the events of climbing the rankings and comparing each other’s scores, showing how good you are. In addition, players can entertain gaming anywhere while playing in Offline mode.


Candy Crush Saga wears a layer of colorful 2D graphics, full of life and attracts players. Accompanied by the scene, the color of the game as polished up cleverly helps players feel the attraction right from entering the game. With the scene in the game has been carefully invested in the way of creating ideas, creating excellent images with bright color schemes, creating a picture full of poetic, magical, playful about a The sweet candy world is always happy, happy, and alive as if inviting players to visit this world. In the context of being inspired by the image of a medieval world made of candies, players can think of a famous movie also related to that candy, “Charlie’s Candy Factory “. The design of the characters in the game is very diverse and full of life, always showing a spirit of enthusiasm, friendliness, closeness to the player. This is clearly shown through the clear gestures and facial expressions through his lines to interact with the player. In addition, the design of the game screen is equally unique with full of different tones of each candy so that players can admire a picture of the picture with full of different colors overlapping Each other helps to satisfy the eyes of the player.


The point that draws attention to the players that Candy Crush Saga brings through the beautiful skill effects used in the game through the effects of the combo emanating from the boosters unit brought back to players a sense of satisfaction, excitement. Accompanied by the sound used in the game invested and carefully integrated is felt through the soundtrack full of playful, clear, gentle right from the top of the game’s main screen suitable for all ages especially children. In addition, the sound heard from the combos use to plays a completely different dimension to help players enjoy joy, excitement and more excitement in each play. What do you think when you hear about what Candy Crush Saga brings? Very attractive, right? So why not immediately download this game to your computer to explore the magical world filled with sweet candy yet.

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V1.175.0.4 (MOD V2)

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