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Latest Version 6.0.7
MOD Info Unlimited Diamond
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Update November 24, 2020 (6 days ago)
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[MOD V1]

• Unlimited Diamonds Hack/Free Shopping (premium choices or special clothes can be purchased even if you don’t have enough Diamonds)
• Tickets Hack (you can read chapters even if you don’t have enough Tickets)
• Premium Features Enabled (such as skipping ads before certain chapters)
• Decreased Ban Chance

Please note this MOD will not unban you. If you were previously banned for suspicious activity (either because you used the IAP crack or different hacks which caused you a ban), you need to start a new game.

[MOD V2]


(when you encounter premium choices just turn on the MOD from the menu and make the choice, that way you can know which one is a premium choice. Regarding tickets, they will be unlimited by default.)

[MOD V3]

1. Read Unlimited Chapters // Read chapters even if you have “0” Tickets
2. Free Unlock Gallery Cards // Unlocked Galley cards even if you have “0” Diamonds. The last card requires you to finish the chapter to unlock

Novels are not just ordinary books, if anyone understands the value behind those books, it is art. Novels in previous eras are often myths, fairy tales, or the lives of handsome, handsome princes, etc. And with today’s technical skills, many films were born based on the content of some famous novels. Novels today are also very diverse in genres and content, including genres like romance, sci-fi, fantasy, humour, adventure, etc surely you are also a hobbyist. Like, explore the world and the plot inside it, finally witness the happy ending. But the happenings and the end are all decided by the author and the reader can only be caught up in the flow of the plot. But … what will it feel like if you can create your own story? for myself? Are a life, a personality, and an end in the way that you decide? Introducing to you a game that you can create your own story, which is Chapters: Interactive Stories by Crazy Maple Studio Dev. If you always want to create a story with the protagonist yourself, this will be a game to help you get there.


To create a story for yourself, you first need to decide the world and the type of storyline you want to incarnate. But it doesn’t matter whether you should decide or not because in this game, countless stories differentiate waiting for you to discover and create a story for you. After you finish choosing the story you want to experience, you will appear with the main character, which will play a role in deciding everything that happens according to your wishes. This is a type of dialogue game between characters, your task is to choose a question or answer that you want. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that the questions you give will affect the whole story, as the first one will affect the opponent’s attitude if you accidentally ask a question. Ask annoying, the attitude will become harder and alienated you. But in order to create a friendly relationship, you should begin to ask familiar questions to each other. The characters that interact with you are all set up closely with a separate personality, representing each type of person in society.

As simple as that, if you want the story to go in any direction you want, just select the answer that represents that direction. For example, a story full of tragedy and a bad ending keeps choosing lines that annoy the opponent and vice versa, causing the opponent to hate him. With countless different genres, players will always become the main character, creating a story of themselves in a world full of interesting things.


With a multitude of genres and a strict set of characters, each time the player starts communicating a different character and chooses a number of dialogues that change the opponent’s attitude to the player. Then the role of that player will vary greatly depending on the line that the player chooses. For example, a character in the story you choose is approaching and opening a greeting first, at this time the player will have two options, the opposite greeting to maintain a long-term relationship or refuse to communicate to There is no longer any connection with that character.

Note that each character will always be mentioned in the storyline until these times the character will rely on the player’s treatment at the beginning and conduct a similar response sequence.
This game will also set up special situations that make players think carefully before making decisions based on the way they want. For example, if your character is in a special situation, the gender of the character is male, but your situation is with two girls, the choice given to you is now. “I love both of these girls, but who should I choose” and will appear answers to keep your story progressing. 1, her left; 2, her right; 3, should 2 at once? On occasions like these, players will only get to choose one answer and note that these special situations will often come unexpectedly so that players cannot predict. This is a special feature that makes people who have played through this game constantly give positive comments because of the attractiveness and surprise of the game.

If you are interested in getting into a character and decide the character’s life story, Chapters: Interactive Stories will never let you down.

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