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City Island 5 - Tycoon Building Simulation Offline

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Update December 16, 2020 (1 month ago)
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  • Money does not decrease when spent

If you are a longtime gamer, especially when the games you have played are all for a smartphone, then you will surely recognize the popularity of “City Island”. This is one of the attractive games that converges many elements of the strategy game genre, simulation, and comes with high creativity in gameplay. Not only that, but the image quality in the game is also one of the main factors that help the game win the hearts of gamers. It can be said, “City Island” is one of the most successful games on the phone platform because of the terrible number of players, as well as the appreciation from the gaming community worldwide. And in this article, I will introduce to you a new version of this game – City Island 5. All versions are developed by “Sparkling Society”, still the old gameplay, but with the image has been changed quite a lot compared to the previous versions, the game promises to bring you a completely new experience.


As I mentioned to you, the gameplay of City Island 5 retains the core gameplay from the previous versions, and of course, the developer still added specific changes to challenge the player. Basically, your main task in this game is to build a big city on a deserted island. The game will give you a clear sense of the development of the town when you put yourself as the mayor of this island. Unlike other city building games, where you can only develop the city in a single area, in this game, you will be completely creative when the game brings many different islands. After you feel that everything has grown to near maximum level on the first island, you can unlock a new island and continue the journey of building a new city. And of course, your old city will never be lost because it takes on the role of capital to promote its own development, as well as the development of the new island.

The mechanism to develop a good city will be based on three main criteria, which are abundant human resources, reasonable economic growth, and social security. And when you can balance these three criteria, your city will grow stronger than ever. By collecting taxes from companies, small and medium-sized businesses, you will have enough money, as well as enough level points to unlock new types of buildings to accelerate the development of the city. The point of social security is the happiness index of the people in the city, in order to make this score high, you have to create jobs simultaneously, and places that provide entertainment for people. I have to admit, “City Island 5” has a realistic simulation game, and this is the highlight that makes the game attracts many players. Moreover, this game can still work well when you are in offline mode. Therefore, you can play this game anywhere, and at any time, just you have free time. In addition, some minor changes to the game’s gameplay will come from the areas where you decide to build your house. I mean, in this new version, the game will create challenges for you when you have to pay attention to the surface of the land because it greatly affects the quality of life of the people here. If you build the wrong type of construction on dedicated land, bad things will definitely happen.


Besides the classic, attractive gameplay, City Island 5 also brings players many new, unique features, and is greatly improved from previous versions.

New and modern infrastructure system

Through each version of this hit game, I still have to remind myself of this feature point. Because the architecture through each release has been changed and improved a lot. And of course, the number of buildings that you unlock in the future will also be very diverse in terms of both quantity and quality. Not only that, you can upgrade, turn the old tedious works into entirely new ones with many more prominent utilities. This feature is the highlight that I encourage you to really experience this game to realize further improvements.

Some other attractive features

Although the game is designed for players to enjoy in offline mode, when you connect to the internet, you can see the city of other players from above. Everyone has their way of organizing structures and infrastructure. And you can completely learn from them to create a city worth living in your own way. Besides, the game also has some exciting rewards every time you unlock new islands like treasure chests. With this reward, you can do a lot for your city.


I must admit that the graphics that the developer created for City Island 5 are genuinely amazingly beautiful. Each version is a new improvement in terms of color and image quality, so this game is very popular with many players around the world.

So are you interested in the city building game? Because if you decide that you want to experience a fascinating game in this genre, I will encourage you to experience “City Island 5”.

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After sometime in the game, constant increase of money and gold because of building or upgrading, crashes the game and can't be played anymore. It freezes at loading in intro. In 3.4.1 mod, money and gold wasn't increasing, just wasn't decreasing. It could be played like that without crashing.
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