Clash of Clans

"Build empire and fight"
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    Resources/Money/Private Server
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    June 30, 2020 at 4:48 am
MOD Info?
  • Town Hall 12 / Builder Hall 9
  • PvP, PvE, Commands working
  • Unlimited Money/Gold/Resources
  • Zero build time, free upgrades
  • Create and join a clan, chat with other players
  • Global chat available
  • Troops as heroes available/ Infinitive placement

For today’s gamers, just mentioning the Clash of Clans game is that they can understand that this is a strategy game with a play that is considered the most representative representation in this game genre. It has a tremendous influence on many of the current game products. You can find many games that have quite similar gameplay only with the “clash” keyword. They are all new creations and contain a lot of intelligence of the production team. However, the influence and inheritance of the legacy that “Clash of Clans” leaves is undoubtedly a factor that brings their success.

The most successful strategy game of all time

Going back to Clash of Clans, we can all see the simple thing that it became famous thanks to the use of varied and attractive gameplay images. You can quickly realize that it is a simulation game but besides there will be a lot of combinations that make it a play, play environment leading to much different attractive gameplay. If you love battles, you will surely be offered one of the fieriest arenas on the market today. If you are a good king who always cares for his people, he can stay in the stronghold and make it more and more prosperous thanks to the right direction in building the country. It’s so big that just separating one aspect of the game from its own is being able to make a complete game.

Beautiful graphics, exclusive characters

Another reason that makes “Clash of Clans” so appealing in the eyes of hundreds of millions of people around the world is its graphics. With medieval character design, everything is meticulously built and accurately adapted to the content that the publisher wants to give to gamers. It is not difficult for you to see gigantic citadels, large rice fields, or new mining plants, etc. Each object in the game brings the same breath of old age. However, everything has a modern color, meaning that they are all bright colors, using the image of the Chibi characters, and all these characters have fun drawings that suit the market consumer tastes. Through each update, the modifications and customizations in the design always create newness that makes players feel attractive.

Town Hall 12, Builder Hall 9 and Siege Machines

New features in the game will make you feel fascinating. It’s all in-depth adjustments in gameplay to diversify, and players can fit into the game. Now, your main base has been allowed to upgrade to level 12, an entirely new kind of power that helps it to defend itself. As in previous times, when your base is attacked, the main house is like an entangled building. It occupies a considerable amount of space and does not affect attack. Now with this update, players can be satisfied with the house itself can protect the surrounding buildings.

A new weapon has been updated to the game allows players to possess the ultimate power thing. It contains an almost endless source of energy that if you control it, you can penetrate all the most reliable defensive layers. However, this item will trade at a specific price. It is possible that its cooldown time is exceptionally long, or it will take a large number of resources to start it. Everything has its purpose. Winning or losing depends on your intelligence and strategic mind.

After Clash of Clans has created a huge community by itself, gathering top-notch tactical gamers, it began to offer matches to players against each other. “Guild” is a feature that has appeared for a long time in strategy and role-playing games. It will be the place where many of the same people gather together. And help members to get the best results. Guild Battles are given the organizers to bring the most arduous battle between good people. Whichever wins, there will be many precious magic items that are not present in any form of reward.

 Build village, clan and compete in epic Clan Wars!

Clash of Clans is exceptionally diverse in gameplay but you will have to build your own independent kingdom. First of all, there will not be any external assistance, but only a small piece of land for a few mines that exploit resources. Players will have to take advantage of everything to make her gradually become more vibrant and stronger. Each building will be progressively built to increase the strength of the whole and summon more new residents. Levels are always important. When you reach certain levels, you can unlock new items and make and make your kingdom stronger.

But this is not a real simulation game where it combines with very different types of gameplay. You can lead your army to attack other lands to gain resources. This can help you get abundant quicker, but your home is also at risk of being attacked by others to steal things that you have stored for a long time. So don’t be too focused on building a strong army but forget about the defense. They will help a lot.

A few things to know about the MOD version

Unlike many other mods that we modify directly from the .apk file, the Mod version of Clash of Clans will be played on a separate server, not under Supercell’s management. That means you will never be banned from playing. However, users of this same server will meet, which creates the necessary balance.

All link download for Clash of Clans
Download Clash of Clans
V13.369.9 (Original Version)
Download Clash of Clans
V13.369.9 (Private Server 1)
Download Clash of Clans
V13.369.9 (Private Server 2)
Download Clash of Clans
V13.369.9 (Private Server 3)
Download Clash of Clans
V13.369.9 (Private Server 4)

  • Server 1: Null’s Clash (running!) [Most stable operation]
  • Server 2: Phelix Clash (running!)
  • Server 3: Clash Hero (running!)
  • Server 4: Clash of Magic (running!)
  • **Note that when an update is available, we will try to post to the website as quickly as possible. You should only update from our website so as not to lose the process when playing.
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