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    October 17, 2020 at 3:32 pm
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We all have the dream of becoming an emperor of a rich empire in a fantasy world, but that is not easy. The life of an emperor was very difficult, although they were loved by the people they themselves had to bear the greatest responsibilities, which was to protect and develop their empire to a new level. Lead the conquests of enemies, resist invasions and do everything to scare the enemy out of your own strength. So do you want to be an emperor? If you wonder what an emperor’s life is like, then come to Clash of Kings a game of task manager type released by Elex Wireless. In this game, you will get a realistic experience of an emperor in a Fantasy World, join and fight against more than 50 million other players.


Starting with the game, the player needs to rebuild everything because of the invader. And to build other buildings, players need to start from the first step, which is managing resources to produce building materials. In the future, all important buildings will require a large amount of material, so players need to constantly collect them and create many different sources. After having a stable production source, the next will be the construction of facilities to train people to become soldiers. There are many different military parts and they can only be produced in a number of jobs submit certainly. But in order to train and upgrade the army, it is necessary to have a field, build them to be able to do these things, and also increase the limit to accommodate soldiers. After completing the stability of army strength, the player can proceed with conquering monsters or invading armies.

Once the player has completed all the basic works, they can begin to upgrade the castle, which is the most important place for each country. In order to upgrade a castle, it is first necessary to complete some of the current requirements. When upgrading the castle, the player can expand the territory, create more facilities to strengthen the country.

To view the world map, identify nearby empires, you can access the scroll icon at the bottom of the screen. Here players can also open attacks on other enemies or monsters. The rewards from conquests will be resources, building materials, and character experience. Before each conquest, the player can adjust the number of soldiers for each different part to start, the limit can be increased if the castle level is higher.

Every empire will have an emperor, yes, it’s you. And in order to expand its territory and strengthen it, a strong emperor is needed. Players can power up themselves with equipment, to be able to equip items, visit the Avatar shown at the top of the screen. The equipment can be forged or collected from conquests, the higher the level the higher the power the wearer will be. At each start of the conquest, players can also add to the team a hero or a dragon, the player can earn additional heroes or dragons in the future through many different forms. And a reward for players will be the start of the game will be given a dragon. Add them to the squad to increase the attacking team’s offensive power.


To help players can quickly strengthen the empire easily, the game will continuously have many different rewards from activities or missions. Completing them will give you a number of other rewards. Besides, in terms of producing resources and materials, players can build many facilities at once. Players can upgrade these facilities, when upgraded they will produce more than the original, and their storage will also be expanded, which helps players to collect more resources and more materials. But players need to collect them regularly if they reach the limit in the storage will not continue to produce.

The game will be divided into many different chapters, and players need to complete them in order to build a strong empire. After completing a chapter, the player can receive great rewards for completing a chapter. At the same time, many new facilities will be unlocked as players progress into a new chapter. Sometimes rewards like resources or materials will not be directly added to the total storage but will be stored as an item in the bag. The bag will be where all the prizes will be sent here, so keep checking them often so you don’t miss anything.

If you wonder what it feels like to be an emperor of a powerful empire, want to lead the conquests of other hostile empires, Do everything as an emperor, come to “Clash of Kings” and show great leadership skills as a supreme emperor.

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