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    Unlimited Money/All Unlocked
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    April 29, 2020 at 11:34 am
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  • Unlimited Gems and Gold
  • Infinitive chest
  • Top royales features (Global)
  • News Royale (News, Esports)
  • All Emote Deck unlocked
  • All Battle Deck unlocked
  • 1 vs 1 & 2 vs 2 Battles
  • Regular Updates
  • New Troops/Unlock time of all chest is Zero

Whether you are an experienced gamer or just a regular gamer, the successful of Tower Defense games will always leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of generations of gamers. It can be asserted that all the gamers are attractive to players by pure strategy play. This means that to win each problematic game, the player must constantly think and calculate to devise reasonable strategies for each type of enemy. At first glance, each stage looks very similar to the real battlefield – where people always have to fight and sacrifice to protect the country, sometimes for a higher purpose, such as expanding the realms. In the vibrant market of mobile games, players may still remember the name “Clash of Clan” – an illustrious game that caused a stir among the gaming community about an entertainment game combined with the tactic. But this is just a game of the older generation. In this article, I will not mention the game that people are so familiar with.

Instead, the primary purpose of this article is to introduce to you a new and beautiful game – Clash Royale. It can be said that “Supercell” (the publisher of the game “Clash Royale”) has made a big splash on the forum “Exciting games for mobile.” At the same time, they also gave themselves a massive revenue, making the game on the “Top Trending” list. Coming to “Clash Royale,” you will have moments of relaxation, entertainment with dramatic battles and eye-catching and vivid images. The game promises not only to make gamers feel satisfied but also to conquer the fastidious players.


Overall, “Clash Royale” has relatively simple and accessible gameplay. To feel smooth and comfortable, the game requires gamers to connect to the internet, because most matches in the game operate based on real-time Multiplayer mode. You can participate in the 1vs1 fighting match, or with teammates, friends to fight with other strong opponents through 2vs2 mode full of fun and drama. To win, gamers must destroy the opponent’s “King Tower.”

And of course, it will not be accessible when the opponent (and you) also have two towers arranged in 2 lanes. These towers have the function of blocking the way, destroying the player troops, and also the role of extending the match time to give the enemy soldiers more time to destroy your King Tower. And one more thing that you must be extremely aware, each match only takes place within 3 minutes, after the time runs out if the two teams play still can not determine winning or to lose, the game will enter the extra match – Sudden Death Time. At this point, things will continue to be even more intense when both rivals must take tactical and precise steps immediately. Because the screen will no longer have the appearance of 2 towers standing on either side of the lane, so the massive steps of the rival soldiers will soon reach your king’s tower.

The rules of the game remain the same – whoever kills the opponent’s tower first then he wins, if the time is over and no king’s tower has been defeated, the match will be counted as a tie. The way to create troops in the game is also relatively simple. Before entering the battle interface, players can choose for themselves eight cards to fight to form a squad with both attack and defense. Each card has a unique attribute, including Troops, Defensive Buildings, Passive Buildings, Damaging Spells, and Spawners. Through these attributes, players can prepare the safest strategy to win a match. Each card will lose a certain amount of Elixir, and Elixir points will be recovered with about 2.8s / Elixir with a maximum of 10 points (or 1.4s / Elixir when the game is at the last 60s).


Besides the attractive strategy game, “Clash Royale” also offers players many exciting features. First, the card system in the game is extremely diverse and is divided into several levels. The character cards in the game are divided into many different classes such as strong and tough Giants, Knights with sharp swords, Baby Dragons with the ability to spit fire but cause massive damage, Archer – a class with the ability to shoot extremely accurate arrows, Witch with many spells that makes it difficult for the enemy, Princess – who has infinite power and Dragon – an extremely powerful beast. Up to the present time, the game has owned more than 88 different cards of rarity sorted in ascending order from Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The higher the rarity, the stronger the attribute is.

There will be nine tournaments corresponding to 4 levels of the card. The reward of the game will appear every time you win a match. Besides, players can also receive rewards to Earn chests. Usually, Chests will have more powerful cards or duplicate cards, that can be combined with the old card to produce a new card with better quality. Besides, the game also allows players to join or create a clan. Any member of the same clan can participate in friendly matches without having to worry about affecting the title or position of the player on the rankings. It can be said that this is a pretty good feature when players can practice and cultivate many useful experiences such as how to use cards, or appropriate attack tactics. Not only that, but the game also features a new feature that allows other members of the clan to watch your match live, the members also have the right to donate or request cards from another player. Battles between clans in the same server are also relatively frequent. If the player wins in this mode, the reward after the game will also be much more attractive. And the final point, of course, is that there’s no battle you can guarantee an absolute win rate, so equip yourself with specific strategies, or you can watch the best matches on “Clash Royale” TV.


Overall the graphics of “Clash Royale” relatively harmonious colors and lively. For those players who have spent a lot of time on the game “Clash of Clan.” In this game, players will have a little familiar feeling but a unique style of “Supercell.” When entering the main interface of the game, players will immediately recognize the difference with other gamers in the same category. The layout of the game is relatively logical and logical. Besides, the tone of the game is designed quite bright, outstanding, but not too harsh. Looking at the way “Supercell” character design, players can feel the attentive, meticulous attention to detail and contours of all characters. It can be said that they have spent a lot of time, effort, and money to bring players the best visual experience on the mobile platform. The image quality of the game as a whole brings the player into a graphical world of PC / Console series. For gamers who want to find a new feeling, but still, keep attracting to Tower Defense games, “Clash Royale” is a game that deserves to be listed in the list of “Games of top and foremost ” in the gamers app store.

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