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Update November 13, 2020 (2 months ago)
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Clumsy Ninja, demonstrate your skills

Living a ninja fighting style is part of the entertainment provided by Clumsy Ninja. A game that plugs you in right away to release that stress out there. After using this application you disconnect from reality, although everything starts under the training of this striking character. Clumsiness is not compatible within ninja fighting, but this game will surprise you. You have the ability to be the best by demonstrating all the skills. Knowing each of its technical distinctions you will be delighted with the development of this game that has much to offer.

Everything Clumsy Ninja has to offer

The bad luck of this ninja character, brings much more brightness and appeal to the game Clumsy Ninja. Pure entertainment is synthesised on one screen. It starts with training, throwing, and even tickling, and can even be attached to a balloon. Every action you perform on the ninja will make it the best of its kind. With the power of his skills, where the target is marked about helping Kira, as it is his friend who is in trouble because he got lost. So as a ninja you get to go to the rescue. Another fun aspect of this game is that each of the characters involved is dynamic. You get into the action with their interactive way of being, their reactions always fit the situation they are in. In every movement of the character there is an automatic reaction.

In that it may surprise me Clumsy Ninja

Surprises don’t wait for you to enjoy this game. Once you join the dynamic, there will be plenty of reasons to keep on hooking. You’ll move to the same level of excitement as the game progresses. As the ninja is trained, you will be able to respond to challenges. At each stage of the game, different tricks and moves are formed that help you stand out with distinction. Your progress depends on you, and you can become a special ninja at any time. The skills you acquire are your main weapon for the difficulties that arise.

The performance that vibrates in Clumsy Ninja

If you’re looking for realistic entertainment, Clumsy Ninja is definitely the answer. Every movement and skill graph is experienced with great excitement, as you increase your capacity. You’ll be able to stun every master, even to the point of getting new belts. These new skills will lead you directly to finding Kira. Although you are only looking for entertainment, she is also available. After 70 interactive items that make this journey exclusive, even getting trampolines, ball guns, punching bags and so on. You will be surprised by every item. The moment of adventure is widely experienced in the development of this splendid game. Because you prepare yourself through the actions of the ninja. You get to live together on different places, enjoy new games, get used to it and get to know each character in depth. As you discover more objects it will become more fun. Another of the virtues of this game is the customization, because you are responsible for generating the image of the ninja you want, from the suit, belt, and also tapes, what you like you can make it real, to get amazing images about the acrobatics you are able to perform.
What other virtues this game offers

The most adventures are lived by this curious ninja who has a lot to offer. There are several surprises in the outcome of this game. It will become an unforgettable experience to put aside the weight of the routine. This ninja that you train so much becomes your best ally or virtual companion in a few busy days. Controlling what the ninja thinks and does exposes your intelligence. That logical reasoning is healthy for your quality of life. Instead of being crushed by stress, you can get a huge distraction even with your friends, available for all kinds of devices. The technology that makes up the game’s design and interface is extremely realistic, to revive tactile animation 100%. As it exposes a great simulation to bring the user closer to the development of the game, so that the characters come to life once the game starts and connects you much more. The ability to make you live a great adventure is notorious, and its requirement is only for Android OS 2.3 or higher. So there is no limit to the time you can install this game. It starts a whole creative journey; each new thing keeps you much closer and difficult to leave the game.

What Clumsy Ninja guarantees

Clumsy Ninja is a training game in full color, managing to give life to this peculiar and succeed in acquiring more elements that help you advance on the game. Giving to demonstrate your talent, by means of objects that can be obtained even by means of real money. The security of the application is a remarkable element, as well as the advancement of the character that is responsible for your vision. The intelligence of the administration of the skill of this ninja. It’s practically the incentive to be a much more ambitious player and set a precedent.
What this game guarantees you is a great deal of fun with this ninja’s skills. Thanks to you, he’ll be able to rescue Kira, obtain the curious items, and gain complete control over this friendly character. Once you try it out you’re captivated by all the features he has. The best distraction that remains on this game, is the main reason why most recommend it and download it. That ninja world or passion is the answer to all this, accepting the challenge of extending the ninja’s skills puts you to the test. It’s a good breath of fresh air to arrive and enjoy the game that is becoming more and more addictive.

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Download (160MB)
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