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If you are looking for a soothing simulation game to relax, then you will want to check out Cooking Mama. This game is like a simulation game with simple and friendly graphics for any age players. The main simulation work will be cooking and many other activities related to maintaining a talented chef’s restaurant.

You’ll learn to love cooking!

The gameplay is very simple. Players only need to use their fingers and control them according to the instructions of each mini-games. There are many different mini-games for players to experience, and these mini-games will bring some rewards related to the maintenance of the restaurant. Those rewards will be cooking materials or some other utensils. During cooking, players will be told a variety of recipes and have to cook dishes based on the methods assigned. If the cooking process goes well, the dish will become more delicious and tasty and easily satisfy customers’ hunger. The customer menu will continually rush and do not give players time to stop, but in return, players can make many dishes at once while customers are waiting. Similar to real cooking, if the player starts to cook a pot of soup, in the meantime, they can begin to processing other dishes.

If the customer is satisfied with the food in the shortest waiting time, the bonus will be even more. The money that player earning in a day will be used for resupply for the next day’s cooking. Or they can be used to decorate every corner of the restaurant. If the restaurant is clean and luxurious, customers will extend the waiting time and allow players to be more comfortable in preparing the menu.

A variety of methods can do food replenishment, but it is mostly going to the store and buying them, and it will cost a lot of money for that. Instead of always going out of the store, players can build a private farm capable of providing a variety of ingredients for the restaurant. The area of ​​the farm can be expanded based on the player’s process. Depending on the type of food the player is growing, they may take a while to harvest. Or, animals that have been raised for a period of time can receive a high level of meat from them. Breeding can be time-consuming, but it will help players save a part of the economy instead of continually using the store.



There are many different types of mini-games that players can participate in a day. Every kind of mini-games will have unique gameplay, but players only need to use one finger to complete these mini-games. The variety of mini-games will make the gameplay of “Cooking Mama” more impressive and bring new experiences to players. The rewards for these mini-games will be materials, food, or some other items.


A restaurant operated by the player can be expanded into many different branches. Of course, each branch will have its culinary theme, and players can choose any restaurant to start. Each restaurant has its way of operating and will bring a recurring amount of income to the player.

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