Counter Attack – Multiplayer FPS

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    Seven Bulls Games
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    Unlimited Money
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    March 21, 2020 at 12:50 am
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  • Increased reward for killing enemies.

Have you ever heard the name of the game “CS: GO”? Surely this is a very famous FPS game on the PC platform, and it is one of the rare titles that have become a monument to this series. Although it was released a long time ago until now, this is still one of the most famous games at the moment. Due to the popularity of this game, many players want to have a mobile version to be able to experience. But until now, it has not come true, and players are still waiting for a miracle to happen. Today I will give players a game that has a lot of similarities with “CS: GO” but is on the mobile platform.

That is Counter Attack, a game produced by Seven Bulls Games; a game manufacturer is quite strange to many players. But trust me, this game will be inversely proportional to that, which means the quality of this game is comparable to many other popular games today. Players will feel the feeling of a bloody match is like. The game will also bring a multitude of great features for players to experience, all to give the player the best experience.


First of all, we will come to the gameplay of this game and also the one that players will experience the most. The gameplay of this game is not difficult to understand; players only need to control their character and destroy all enemies. But it will be tough to master all of these factors; players will have to take a very long time to master them all. In this game, two things are highly appreciated, that is the fighting skills and ability to think tactics of players. Both of them will significantly affect the failure or success of a campaign in this game, and if you want to win, you must get used to them. Once a match starts, the player will be divided into two different factions, including the terrorist and the terrorist prevention team. Both teams have different fighting goals, and the player will be responsible for accomplishing that goal. To win, the player must destroy all enemies or complete the aim of each coffee given by the game. If the player is on a terrorist side, the player’s purpose will be to bomb 1 of the two marked areas on the map. If on the anti-terrorist side, the player will be tasked to neutralize the bombs installed by the terrorist team.



Unlike other games currently on the market, players can participate in games with Offline mode and fight bots. Players can use this mode to practice and improve their skills to be ready to fight with other players.

Diverse weapons

To fight, the indispensable player is the weapons, the guns for players to fight. Regardless of the weapons, the game will give the player to the player to destroy the enemy. They will be divided into many different categories, such as SMG, Assault Rifles, sniper guns, and more.

All link download for Counter Attack – Multiplayer FPS
Download Counter Attack
V1.2.35 (MOD, Unlimited Money)


The mod does not work in multiplayer!

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