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Crashlands, one of the best action-adventure games, has consistently been honored on the top rankings, even mobile Game of the Year in 2016. It has massive gameplay and in-depth, even endless, and its appeal will intensify with the player’s progress. Accompanying it is a story full of humor but also contributes to the game significantly. The game will also combine with many other elements from many genres, such as crafting, fighting, leveling system, and many other exciting things. If you are looking for an ideal adventure game, then this game will be a worthwhile experience.


Crashlands features massive gameplay, meticulously developed, and loads of things to entertain players with its content. The player will play as a transporter, but unfortunately gets caught up in a war across the world, from where players will have to survive, fight, complete missions, and more to enjoy all content of the game. Comes with the game is a fascinating character development system, allowing players to expand the content, such as mechanics, items, features, and many other game things. Along with it is a flexible combat system, continually giving players impressive and fierce moments with worldwide battles.


The crafting mechanism has always been the highlight of Crashlands and is also the motivation to urge players to explore all the game elements. Even more impressive is that players will be in a fictional environment, with millions of items from many species, and players have the opportunity to create powerful equipment. Not only crafting mechanisms, but players can build bases to survive day by day. The game will support players with a flexible construction mechanism, with lots of engaging content for players to become more creative.


The game’s fighting mechanism is completely skill-dependent, and the player must always adapt to all situations because of the variety of enemies. Of course, an RPG-style development system will be introduced, helping players unlock more hidden potentials and have a more enjoyable experience with the game. The combat mechanism is always parallel with the crafting system, making the gameplay more impressive, and the player can team up with many alien creatures to progress with the job. The player’s task is not just to survive but to complete a series of objectives assigned by the provider in a chaotic universe among forces.


The gameplay of Crashlands is endless, not because of its crafting mechanics or base building, but on the world and its thrill. The player’s journey will go through many locations, face many species, and absorb many different technologies for building bases or crafting items. It comes with problems and quests, a significant income source for players to buy the necessary equipment for the trip. The game world will continuously evolve and expand based on its progress and always bring exciting things to experience and enjoy. Crashlands continuously received many prestigious awards for the gameplay and the attractiveness it offered to players. Along with that is the variety and richness in gameplay, making players surprised and time-consuming to explore them. The game also supports external controllers, helping to free the players’ fingers and enjoy the game with the most refreshing feeling.

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