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Update January 1, 2020 (1 year ago)
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Perhaps, we have to admit that the entertainment games created for phones are overgrowing. I mean, they evolve in every aspect, including high-quality graphics, creative content, and engaging, new gameplay. If we make a comparison, the games on the phone today are strong enough to stand on par with the games for the PC / Console platform. And of course, the mention of high-quality games on my phone is to introduce a new, more attractive and eye-catching title – CSR Racing. If you are a gamer who loves racing games, this game must be great for you. If you are a veteran gamer but do not pay much attention to this game genre, then I still encourage you to try the CSR Racing experience. Because, this game was developed by NaturalMotionGames – one of the famous game developers, and specializes in publishing high-graphics games along with attractive gameplay. I dare assure you that CSR Racing will not make you feel disappointed.


Unlike other popular racing games like Asphalts, Real Racing, Need For Speed, …, CSR Racing has a much more unique and new gameplay. Instead of starting the traditional style race, this game gives players the intense Drag Race and is much more competitive. Yes, only with Drag Race, we can enjoy many things of a race such as the speed of death of the supercars, and the addictive sound was coming from the engine. Inevitably, things are even more impressive when you only need to focus on a single opponent. In my opinion, this competition is more attractive, entertaining, and brings more excitement than you have to drive a long way to compete with 4 to 6 other competitors.

Initially, you certainly will not be able to own cars that are considered monsters of speed. You will have to start your career as soon as starting a certain game is undeniable. The game will give you a car to begin participating in the underworld, where racing betting takes place regularly and busily. To upgrade your vehicles, unlock new cars, and enhance your position in the world of this speed, you must participate in the tasks in the Campaign system. Your first opponents will be quite easy to defeat, and of course, while you continue to be stronger, the opponents you face are equally fast. If you want to win any race, understanding the power of the car, the parameters change every time you change a particular part of the car, and the strength of the opponent is essential. In addition, you can challenge yourself more in multiplayer mode. Unlike Campaign mode, you can not know the primary power of the opponent, with just a few small changes, they can win you anytime.


New gameplay is just one of the small factors that contribute to the fun of the game. In fact, CSR Racing also gives players many attractive features.

Supercar system beautiful and rich

If you wonder about the number of supercars that this game brings, there are more than 100 different cars modeled from reality. All of those vehicles are legally licensed for model and sound simulation. So, every detail you see in this game will be presented in the most honest and beautiful way possible. You can come across famous cars like McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Hennessey, Koenigsegg, and many other supercars. And all vehicles in this game are divided into five different Tiers. The purpose of this hierarchy is for players to experience the interesting Campaign system, the longer you play, the higher the difficulty of the game.

Complicated and detailed upgrade system

Almost any racing game gives players a detailed vehicle upgrade system to appeal to many gamers. In this game, you can also upgrade and adjust many things such as Engine, Turbo, Tires, Transmission, Body, Nitrous, etc. Not only that, each function is divided into several levels to upgrade the grant. And of course, you will have to spend a certain amount of money on this just like in reality. This is one of the features that I highly appreciate in this game, and indeed any gamer who has experienced this game must admit it.


It can be said that the graphics background in CSR Racing is in the top of the games with the highest quality graphics on the phone platform. From colors to lighting effects or motion effects, they are all finished with great detail and realism. Not only that, you will find this game better than what you expect when your smartphone is well configured. No need for me to write too much about it, you can clearly see this through the images that the game introduces. So are you interested in this game? Download CSR Racing now to your phone to experience it yourself.

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