Dawn of Zombies

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    Royal Ark
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    Menu MOD
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    July 1, 2020 at 3:41 pm
MOD Info?

– Free exchange with merchants
– After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the ability to do:

  • Free craft (it is possible even if there are not enough resources);
  • Maximum level – opens all crafting recipes (use after training);
  • Restore health (disconnect after use);
  • Mobs do not attack;
  • Mobs stand still.
  • Immortality (with restoration of health);
  • High damage.


Zombie, which is a word to talk about corpses that can move to kill humans, and this topic is probably no longer something so strange to people around the globe. There have been a lot of movies on this topic before. Not only on the big screen but also a lot of dramas that have been shown previously are very popular with viewers. On the big screen, we have big bangs like “World War Z” and “The Zombie Land”. Not only inspired the world film industry, but it also became the inspiration for the game industry worldwide.

There have been many famous titles on this topic, but if the player wants to have a real survival experience when the end of the world happens, come to the game Dawn of Zombies. This is a game of the genre of survival and has a theme revolving around the zombie pandemic, giving players a lot but a real sense of survival. This game was produced by swimming pool Royal Ark, a game developer not so famous, but they have also released titles under this theme. Including some famous games such as “Shelter War: Last City in an apocalypse”, “Zombies: Shooting Adventure Survival”, these are all interesting and worth playing games.


The world is no longer safe; everything has been hurt, the world-famous works have disappeared, and everything has been in chaos. The only reason for all that is happening to the earth today is the zombie pandemic. No one knows where its origins came from, when people just realized the danger, it was all too late, and people came to the brink of extinction. There are no more survivors, and players will play one of the rare survivors of the human race. The fate of man will be like? Will they be able to revive the human world in the future? All the answers are on you, come to the game to learn all the mysteries.


This game is a combination of zombie theme and survival game genre, so there will be a lot of complicated things for players. But do not worry too because the player will receive the enthusiastic guidance of the game’s creative team. In this game, there will be only one mission; the only purpose is to survive, the longer you live, the closer you will get the victory. But surviving in such a harsh condition has never been easy for players, players will need to invest a lot of time to be able to do that. If the player wants to survive in such conditions, necessities are indispensable, letters like water and food are two things necessary to sustain human life. But to find these things, the player will have to come to countless but dangerous dangers because zombies surround all the places with these things. Players will have to use weapons that they find, such as guns, knives, sticks … to attack the zombies. After reaching the store, players should try their best to collect everything they need to maintain their own life.


Building & Creative

If you want to live fever against the onslaught of zombies, the player needs to have that base to be able to protect the safety of the player. Players will have to cut down large trees in the forest and use them to build houses and use them as shelters. After having all the necessary materials, players can easily build houses made of bricks with higher endurance. Not only that, but users can also create many other things to support their survival. For example, users can use pieces of metal and wood to create an ax.

Interactive Online

To be able to play this game, the player will need an internet connection to be able to interact with other players. So players can invite others to their teams to be able to support each other in survival. But the game also allows players to destroy each other so that they can steal other people’s items, and this is a very nice feature that the game brings to the player.


Dawn of Zombies has an extremely realistic and sharp 3D graphics format, all carefully crafted by the game’s creative team to ensure the player’s experience. The map of the game is very large, and there are many places for players to explore, and there are many mysteries there

All link download for Dawn of Zombies
Download Dawn of Zombies
V2.59 (Menu MOD)

  • For the mod to work correctly, go through training without the included menu mod options.
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