Day R Premium

"Hard survival on mobile, Loot and Craft"
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    Free Shoping & More
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    June 30, 2020 at 3:54 am
MOD Info?

– Free shopping
– Free craft
– Level 100 character, all crafting is open, ability points
– In the inventory: BRDM, T-72, MI-24 (for analysis), BELAZ, armor, weapons, drugs, caps

Games of the survival genre are always one of the most popular games, probably because of the thrill of fighting for life becomes more genuine than ever. When players come to the games of this genre, the player will experience extremely true feelings. There have been many titles of this genre released on many different platforms and received the sympathy of many players around the globe. Typically, these games we have had Minecraft, Last day on Earth … these are the games that have gained much popularity from players.

But if you are looking for a survival game with a more unique storyline and gameplay, then come to Day R Premium. The game is produced by tltGames, a game maker that is quite strange to the player. But that does not mean the titles they make are not high quality, typically is this game. The game is appreciated by players around the world for its unique gameplay and storyline. Coming to the game, you will experience the feeling of survival extremely interesting and suspense.


The player will play the role of a man living in Russia when the world is going on nuclear war extremely brutal. The world is being pushed to the brink of destruction and people no longer have anywhere to live. Everything was in chaos, he and his family were on the way to evacuate the war zone when suddenly a big explosion occurred and he was unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he realized that there were no more people around and everything was badly destroyed. He felt a severe headache, his head was injured and his memory was gone. He could no longer remember who he was and what was going on. After a moment of thinking, he realized he had forgotten something very important and that was his family. He decided to search for his family in Russia which was destroyed. But this journey will not be easy because he does not know what to do in a place where everything was destroyed. What important is, he didn’t know where his family was. Can he succeed in finding his family? Let’s look forward to it in the game.


The gameplay of the game is similar to other survival games, players will have to collect materials to make gadgets for survival. Players will wake up at Nikel City after wake up players will go around to find useful things. Players can pick up weapons such as axes, guns… pick up food like canned food, water, and some other medical equipment to restore HP. You need to do a lot of things for the characters in the game to keep our characters alive. There will be three things that players need to worry about, which are food, water, and sleep, these are the three basic things to sustain human life. If you let your character be active without feeding or drinking, they will die. After waking up, the character’s indicators will be fully loaded to continue your journey. Players can have the materials that they have to make things necessary for surviving fever. Like using an axe to cut down trees and using that wood to light a fire and set up a hut to hide. The tools in the game will also have certain durability, usually 100% for users to use. But after a few uses for work or battle, the durability will decrease and at some point, you will not be able to use it anymore.


Craft Items Needed

During the game, players will have to collect the materials to be able to serve survival. Players can use wood and metal to create basic tools such as shovels, axes, spears … to fight and work. Or when the player defeats the beast, you will receive loot as their fur and meat. Players can use this layer of fur to be able to make animal skin jackets to protect and keep the body warm.


Combat MechanismThe game combat mechanism is implemented in a turn-based style that is familiar to players so they can easily get used to it. You will control your character to use any form of attack to defeat opponents, such as using axes, guns … even bare hands. Both sides will take turns attacking each other until one of them is destroyed.


This is not a strong point of the game but still not a big minus of the game. The game has a 2D graphics format, the details are not sharp but still give players but an interesting experience when playing the game. Download Day R Premium to have an enjoyable experience of human survival.

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