Dead by Daylight

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    Dead by Daylight
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    Official Beta Version
MadOut2 BigCityOnline
When mentioning violent games, people will immediately think of the Grand Theft Auto series. This is a very popular series worldwide, especially the latest Grand Theft Auto V. But when it comes to fast-paced games, often players will think of racing games with famous titles such as Asphalt, Real Racing … But have you ever […]
Monster Hunter Riders
Recently, Capcom has released new information that they will release a new game for the mobile version. Monster Hunter Riders are the sequel that follows the success of Monster Hunter Stories. This version will have some similarities with the previous version but will add some new features to make this game more unique. Even Capcom […]
The game ELCHRONICLE can be considered as the MOBA genre, which is the game where the player mainly controls the character with just one tap. And this game also has a real-time action style, so the player can both control the character moving around and combine with the use of attack methods or skills. Players […]
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Are you a fan of FPS action games? Or are you a fan of supercar and speed in Racing games? Or also, you are loyal to the adventure, exploring in pure RPG games. But no matter what type of gamer you belong, surely everyone has heard of MOBA game genre appearing in the top titles […]
Smithstory 2
Smithstory 2 – an MMORPG with extremely attractive content, engaging gameplay and eye-catching graphics. Of course, this game has a lot of challenges waiting for you in it, so are you ready for a memorable adventure? Gameplay Smithstory 2 is basically a new generation MMORPG, so the developer of this game is very serious about […]
Ninja Turtles: Legends
The movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a film that has received a lot of love from viewers around the world. The film is about an adventurous journey of 4 mutant turtles in a laboratory explosion accident. After that accident, all four uncles were able to think and the physique of a real human with […]
Survivalist: invasion
Survivalist: Invasion is a zombie survival game, if you’ve ever played through the Last Day On Earth game, you will notice the similarities between them. This game was released by TeslaGames Global, the content is about a zombie outbreak on a tropical continent, the player is a former marine. And after realizing the present situation […]
Heroes Infinity
If you have always look for a Fantasy-style RPG game, then you will probably want to check out the Heroes Infinity game that I will introduce today. This game is a perfect combination of the important elements to create a perfect RPG game. When you enter this world, you will get acquainted with everything, including the […]
Symphogear was originally a popular Japanese anime; its content was mainly about girls who possessed magical powers. Because of wanting to satisfy the fans, Symphogear has appeared a game version dedicated to the smartphone platform with the name Symphogear XD UNLIMITED. GAMEPLAY “Symphogear XD” is a game that has a very simple gameplay and easily […]
Bulu Monster
As I mentioned, Bulu Monster gives players training and collecting game, but instead of collecting Pokemon or dragons, this game will provide you with a lot of monsters to collect. The game takes you to the context of a Bulu island, where many powerful monsters and captivating beauty inhabit it. And of course, you can […]