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Although new games are released every day from different publishers, they often have new gameplay and features to help players have different experiences. But there is still a game genre that always attracts many players around the world, that is racing. Many developers have chosen this sport as an endless source of inspiration for creating popular racing game series such as: Need For Speed, The Crew, Forza Horizon, F1 … Besides, through these racing games, players can freely drive the cars that they have always dreamed of and compete with them on other racing maps. Perform exciting races, drive and feel big bikes, change and design your favorite bike, all of which can only exist in racing games. But if racing is limited to racetrack or city, it is not possible to bring other experiences to the players. It is terrain, currently, racing games have developed on many different maps and terrain. To suit each terrain, there will be a compatible vehicle, players can not use other vehicles if they are not suitable for the terrain. And today, I will introduce you to a mobile game of this type of terrain racing. Released by Bennett Racing Simulation, Dirt Trackin 2 is now one of the most successful products for simulating dirt tracks for players. Help them get the experience of driving cars specially designed to fit the terrain and come with more great features than the previous version.


Entering the game, players will immediately come to the tutorial where players will be introduced to the controls and features when driving. The game will have a very simple control method, allowing players to quickly get acquainted with the vehicle control mechanism. The control mechanism can be reset according to the style the player wants such as changing the position of the control buttons or changing the way to navigate the car such as arrow buttons, steering wheel, horizontal and tilt sliders. Besides, the setting also allows the player to customize the sensitivity of the control, helping the player to control the vehicle most accurately with the way to control the steering wheel, horizontal slider and tilt the device.

After completing the guide, the player can start participating in the official race, they will constantly compete with other competitors to complete the race with the best performance, which is reaching the rank. Firstly, players can continuously collide precisely causing the enemy to lose the ability to control the car for a while. Taking advantage of that time to reach higher positions, the opponent can use the same way to defeat you. To be able to avoid this, there will be a small space above the screen that acts as a rearview mirror, watching through it to avoid the attacks from the enemy.

After completing a race, you will receive money as a reward, the money is used on many different items. And most importantly, use them to upgrade, customize your vehicle or buy a new car. Experience points will also be awarded after each race, depending on the rank you achieve, the experience points will be corresponding. When you have enough experience points, you will be promoted, the reward when upgrading will be a bonus of money and unlock many other items such as vehicles, customization parts, appearance, …


To help players have many different experiences when driving their favourite car, the game will continuously open many different single race modes, such as Normal, Time trials, Heats, … Each mode will have various goals, players cannot apply one way of racing to all modes. Besides, when completed in the best way, the player will be rewarded with worthy rewards. If favourite players competed well with other players, you can choose the multiplayer mode, where players will compete with other racers to achieve the best performance. The reward for this mode will be the same as the single race mode but accompanied by a PVP score. The more players win in Multiplayer, the ranking on the Leaderboard will also increase.

Besides selecting the racing mode, players can choose their own vehicles in a map. Other than the feature to select the racing mode, in this feature the player will enter the normal race, but all other riders will use the same vehicle. Currently, the game has 5 main vehicles, namely: Super Late Model, Crate Late Model, A-mod, B-mod and Street stock. Each type of vehicle has its own strengths, and the player must research and use that strength to win. Players can freely upgrade and do what they want for the car they love, each individual part of the car can be decorated and customized them the way the player wants. When customizing, the vehicle’s stats will not change, they will only change when you upgrade the engine, the gear,…

If you are a lover of car customization, drive them on the roads Excellent ground, compared with other competitors, Dirt Trackin 2 will be a perfect choice for you.

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