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    February 27, 2020 at 7:19 pm

Disgaea 1 Complete has formed one of the bouts the biggest fever in the game market in 2018. This SRPG released on Nintendo Switch brings an extremely attractive and new feeling to the players. That success motivates the manufacturer to release its Android version.

Familiar gaming mechanism

The game will offer an extremely simple control mechanism simply by touching the phone screen. For example, with the Nintendo Switch, you will use the navigation button to be able to move the arrow for the phone does not need to be. Every time you move, only one character examining the scarf touches them and points where they need to go. In addition to the attack operation, it is made under the same mechanism as in turn. Your friend touches the character after they arrive and moves to the required position and then selects the attack system.

The distinctly differentiated power system

“Disgaea 1 Complete” is well-liked by players thanks to its extremely detailed construction of the power system. Each character is provided with 8 power indicators for you to customize. With a system of hundreds of characters along with different battle characteristics, you can use any stats flexibly to make them fight in the best way. You can learn the way that great players have done posting on forums or YouTube. But if you want to be creative and play your way, that’s okay. Feel free and enjoy it!

Build your most powerful army

You do not fight alone but have more friends. Laharl, Etna, and Flonne on their journey to regain the Kingdom of the Netherworld will meet many companions and support them. Try to build the strongest army. The first priority is that you will have to create units with a variety of skills, classes, strengths to be able to support each other in a real battle. A squad needs to attack power, and the team has resistance as well as versatility in many different situations.

The only gadgets available on smartphones

The 3 new features are the Auto-battle, Battle Speed ​​Boost, Cheat Shop, which will help players to have an easier and more convenient battle. You will not have to spend too much effort and time to focus on the game and still get satisfactory results. This convenience also helps smartphone users to save a lot of resources and still be able to entertain in this busy life.

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