Dream League Soccer 2019

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    First Touch Games Ltd.
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    Unlimited Money/All Player
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    December 22, 2019 at 6:49 pm
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  • Unlimited money (Buy any cheapest player for 200 cents to get unlimited money).
  • Unlocked all players.

In today’s football market we can name some of the most famous names such as The most popular series of Fifa, PES, Top Eleven, … They are all outstanding products and gain the trust of players around the world. For fans of these games, as long as it has a new update, I will quickly have to go back and enjoy. However, in addition to such familiar names, there are still very good football game products, worth testing for players. Such products always have a feature that is extremely creative and gives players surprises that they cannot imagine. Dream League Soccer 2019 makes a name that is a little underrated, but it is still one of the top-rated with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play server. This is enough to prove its appeal to all players around the world.

FIFPro™ Licensed Soccer

This product comes from an indie game publisher – First Touch Games. Until now, they have become trendy and have many fans. However, behind them, there was still no one to support them, merely the operating apparatus of the first people who created this game product. First Touch has determined its own game production, so they are persistent with soccer games and have produced three quality products. “Dream League Soccer 2019” until now is said to be their most successful child. With many seasons underway, it is still supported by many players. This growing hope will always hold on to its journey.

Build a dream team and win the championship

In general, the Dream League Soccer 2019 is styled with a regular football game when it follows all the most basic rules of the sport. What the game makers aim for is to give players the most realistic feeling. So players will have to control a match of 11 people, play within 90 minutes, hold on to their goal, and try to score. Everything is functioning perfectly. The in-game controller is also optimized to be usable on mobile phones. After each season, there are specific customizations. To increase the convenience for players during the control process. However, in general, it still follows the rules set out for this type of game — still the joystick on the left to control the direction of the player’s movement. Goalkeepers must be familiar buttons like speeding, passing, passing, … and some other special techniques.

The game will also give players a lot of different modes so they can experience the complete way. “Dream League Soccer 2019” will be available until seven tournaments so you can compete for the championship. You are trying to collect seven trophies and become one of the most excellent team managers in history. Also, don’t forget to take care of your stadium because it’s your face. That’s when you have enough money, besides buying lots of good players, remember to upgrade the stadium to bring more real experiences.

Good graphics, background music, and all players are licensed

If you think about graphics, it may not be as good as Fifa’s pet, but it still meets the minimum needs of 3D graphics players for a blockbuster. The good news is that it is entirely supported by FIFA when the content is purchased directly, and the publisher has the right to use all images of the tournament to create his own images. That means that players will be put on the tree in the most accurate and detailed way that allows players to experience the real feeling as possible.

In addition to the main characters are 22 players playing on the field, a right field also makes players feel the passion of the match. First talk about the area when it is designed with extremely bright colors and create a good contrast with objects and players moving on the field. Sound effects will bring a smoother feeling in controlling the ball so that you play a lot better. Besides, the stadium is always full of fans to increase the hot atmosphere of an exciting soccer match. Every time that you still keep the ball over and face the goalie, the cheers will be heard. Then if you can score goals, then make sure the stadium will explode by the delight of the audience. These cheers always make players feel excited.

If you don’t like playing too loud or getting used to playing games in silence, you won’t feel excited when you are cheered. Once you come into contact with the sound system that is embedded in the game, you will be surprised with it. First, when entering the match, the referee’s whistle is definitely what you most expect. When it comes out, it’s time for you to use all your abilities to play within 90 minutes. The sound of players calling each other’s names, communicating with each other during a long game is also a remarkable feature. Sound perfection will bring a better sense of play. Sometimes when you hear the sound of the ball being kicked, it is possible to guess the falling point. Try to use all the sensory means you can, combining them to achieve the highest efficiency in the competition.

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V6.13 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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