Drone : Shadow Strike 3

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Update March 6, 2021 (15 hours ago)
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Plane simulation games are probably not a strange thing for players because there have been many such games. But as technology developed, in the military, aircraft were replaced by drones to protect the lives of the pilots. But the store does not have too many games on this topic for players to experience. One of the rare games on this topic is that Drone: Shadow Strike 3 has received a lot of attention from players. When players come to this game, they will experience a whole new perspective on flying. It’s not like other simulation games that players have ever experienced; it will bring a new feeling for you to enjoy.

New controls way

In many aircraft simulation games, players will play the role of a pilot sitting in the cockpit to play the game. But this game, the player will feel like controlling a real drone through a screen. This experience is much more realistic; players can imagine that they are the point of control the drone to do the task. The camera of the game will be positioned from the top down so that players can observe everything underneath easily. This is to create certain advantages when the player is on duty in the game.

Eliminate opponents

The drone that the player controls is created to serve the military, so the player’s task is to destroy the enemy. There are many enemies in the game that players must destroy to complete the assigned task. The player will control his drone soaring above the enemy base, lock the enemy within range, and then use weapons to kill the enemy. What makes the game more difficult is that it is complicated for the player to lock targets into range to attack them. The reason is that the player is controlling a drone flying in the air, and the enemy is moving randomly. But when the player has locked the target, just fire is sure the target will be defeated.

Diverse missions

The game has many different tasks that players can perform. Each time a player completes a mission, he or she will receive a reward, which can be money, EXP, or items. The mission of the game is not only one thing is to defeat the enemies below to complete, but there are many different types. Players may have to destroy food storage or enemy planes to meet the requirements.

Fighting zombies

There is an exciting game mode in the game that is the battle mode with zombies, for players to fight dead creatures. The military sends players to an area infected by the virus, turning people into zombies and tasked with destroying those zombies. In this mode, the player is free to fight without any restrictions; you can use any weapon you like to kill zombies. The number of zombies in this mode is also huge, so that the player can freely kill them.

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