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    September 4, 2020 at 11:55 pm
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Money at the expense of increasing.

As you know, Grand Theft Auto is currently one of the highest action role-playing games on the market. Even I can not deny the influence of this game on the gaming community. And the latest part of this game after its release has been well received by the gaming community. However, the limitation of this game is the high capacity and only released on PC / Console platforms. This problem also makes gamers just playing games on phones feel down. So, in this article, I will introduce to you another game that is equally interesting, and it works well on current smartphones – Dude Theft Wars. Of course, the scale, graphics and content of this game cannot be compared to GTA. However, I dare assure you that Dude Theft Wars can still satisfy the passion of being a true Gangster. Anyway, this game was released by Poxel Studios and you can download it for free on Google Play or App Store.


If you’ve ever experienced any of the GTA games, the gameplay of Dude Theft Wars will not be hard for you. Basically, you will transform into Jack – a young man who always wants to find the joy of his life – at the first perspective. The game takes you into the vast city of Dude-o-police, where Jack is living a normal and relatively tedious public life. No matter what someone else’s life would be like and how they would think of Jack, he could not continue this uninteresting life any more. So, Jack decided to change his whole life by… rebelling. Yes, Jack realised that his later days would be fun when he did everything he liked. And Jack wouldn’t be able to do it without you. There are many exciting activities that players can freely perform such as driving and drifting on the highway, joining a gang and doing violent actions, or can simply create inconvenience for the commoners in Dude-o-polis.

As I mentioned, you will participate in interesting activities in this game on the first perspective, because the game was developed for the phone platform all the basic functions for controlling the character are shown on the screen. Similar to other FPS games, to make the character move, you will have to use the Virtual Joystick, and change the perspective of the character by swiping on the screen. Besides, this game also allows you to use many different weapons. If Jack owns a variety of weapons, you can switch the gun you are using in the right corner of the screen. In addition, the game has the same phone function as GTA. It can be said, Dude Theft Wars still has many interesting features that players often encounter in the hit game GTA.


Besides attractive action gameplay, Dude Theft Wars also offers players many other attractive features to enjoy.

Rich media system

It can be said that the vehicle in this game is one of the outstanding features that make it able to get attention from gamers. In my opinion, few games have been able to replicate the appearance and properties of each vehicle better than this game. I can even confirm that this game also has new facilities that have never appeared on GTA. Besides standard cars such as Monster truck, Ramp Car, Rc Cars,… you will encounter special transportation vehicles such as Alien UfO, Skateboard, DragSter, QuadCars, or Shopping cart, and many more. Other unique facilities.

Different weapons satisfying gamers who are passionate about the shooter genre

Initially, I was very surprised when the weapon system in this game was also completed well in both quantity and quality. From rifles to shotguns, whatever you can find in other titles, this game is available. Of course, the action element of this game is also relatively well completed. Everything meets the standards of an entertaining game.

Some other interesting features

In addition, the game also has some other interesting features that you may be interested in. For example, just by using the phone and accessing the DUber app, you will be able to order a brand new supercar. Of course, you can freely use that car any way you want. On the other hand, you can explore this vast world and interact with it in different ways. Somewhere on the map, the player can find Easter Eggs and receive attractive rewards from it. And there are many other features that I think you should try to learn and experience for yourself. Because it is being released for free on the mobile app store.


I think anyone who comes to this game is impressed with the sandbox graphics that Dude Theft Wars brings. By using these graphics, you will have moments of satisfaction when experiencing this game. With bright colours and high contrast, the world of Dude-o-polis appears in the eyes of the player with a lively and attractive look. In my opinion, there is rarely a game that has a mobile action game that can do better than Dude Theft Wars.

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