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Football is now the king sport recognized worldwide. Football has had the largest and most potent Fan of all sports available in the world today. Football is now available in most countries around the world. The most ordinary people can also play sports as a way to entertain themselves, and higher, there will be national teams to represent that country to play in major tournaments around the globe such as World Cup. Because of the development of this sport, a lot of Football-related games have been released. Games in this category always attract a lot of special attention from players and experts.

Typically for today’s football game series, we have the PES series, which has long been no stranger to numerous players. The game was launched long ago on the Console platform and has attracted a lot of plays from gamers. Developed by Konami, this is a publisher from Japan that is famous for many titles such as Contra, Pro Evolution Soccer, Silent Hill… this is the 20th largest game development company in the world. Konami has stated that in 2019, the latest version of the PES series will be released on the mobile platform with the name eFootball PES 2020. Right from the beginning of the Demo version, the game has received a lot of appreciation from gamers. After a period of launch, the game’s hotness has not diminished at all, coming to the game players will be able to participate in the top football match and enjoy the fierce feeling in each match.


The player will be selected for a team of 11 main players on the field and the substitute players will be seated outside to prepare for the change went the coach asks for it. With their squad, players will participate in tournaments to compete for the championship trophy. There will be many football players to choose from, they come from many different teams and countries around the world.
Each football player will be drawn as a card and attached to each player’s indexes. Each football player will play in different positions so their stats will be different. There will be many positions to play but will be divided into 3 most popular positions: Striker, Midfielder and Defender.

The gameplay is well invested and the physical movement of the football players has become more realistic than ever, this is a breakthrough in this game. The biggest change in the gameplay of this version is that the game’s developer has emphasized on Finesse Dribble to bring players new and interesting experiences. The dribbling method of the football players in the game has been redone to be more realistic and there will be a delay when dribbling to create a reality in the game. Also, there are many more new techniques and strategies introduced so that players can diversify their playing style. There will also be a few changes in the defense of the defensive players in the game to have more options and make the game more authentic.

In most other games in this category, defensive players can only steal the opponent’s ball or spread the ball. Most of these defenses have become very familiar but there have been several new defenses added to this game. Now the player can rotate the ball, use the head to hit the ball out of the goal … players can freely use these techniques in many different situations in the match. Technical and tactical elements in the game were consulted by famous Spanish midfielder Andrés Iniesta


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Players From The Past And The Future

In the game, there are many football players from many teams and different countries are included in the game for players to choose. It is indispensable for the players who are the legend of today’s football that are Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. Both are the top players in world football at the moment and they are also considered the legends of football. Besides, it is indispensable for players who have played and been honored as the legends of world football such as Maradona, Batistuta, Beckham, Zico, Totti … These legends will become to live and show off their skills in a match.

Building Your Dream Football Team

Players can become the boss of a team and spend money to develop their team in Master League mode. This mode is not a new play mode launched in this version, is has been existed since the previous version. But in this latest version, the game’s creative team decided to remake the mode that had long been unnoticed. All are inspired by real-life to be brought into the game such as player transfer fee, pay salary… Players can choose an existing one like Real Madrid or Barcelona or even if the player wants it, you can create your own team.

New Clubs Included in the Game

One of the most prominent names in the modern era is that Juventus owns quality players are in peak form and the most important thing is, it has Cristiano Ronaldo in their team. For the first time, PES surpassed FIFA in the issue of a copyright dispute over club image to bring it into the game. Not only that but the game also has many clubs with many other quality players such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC Bayern München … Players will have more choices in deciding which team to choose to play in.

Realistic 3D graphics

As with every other version, this “eFootball PES 2020” will still be a familiar 3D graphics format for players but the difference is the stadiums and the outside of the players, where the ultimate matches were inspired by the stadiums of big clubs such as Manchester United’s Old Trafford, Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu … They were brought to the game honestly. More than ever, from the stands, the club icons, to the image of the pitch. The game’s graphics have reached a peak at present that few other games can reach. The players are portrayed more clearly than ever the facial details, hairstyles, beard styles are all done very well. Even the details of the tattoos on the player’s body are drawn just like in real life.

Exclusive soundtrack

A football game, the most important effect is the movement effect of the football players in the match. The game’s creative team has done this very well and makes the effects in the game work more smoothly and honestly than ever before. Even the times when the player performs complicated techniques and is hard to track but still does not cause any sense of delay in the game at all, all are done perfectly. The sound in the game incorporates the voices of the world’s leading commentators with a lot of different speech to comment on the ongoing game. The cheers from the audience will cheer the spirit of the player, is also very carefully polished to give the player a true experience as possible. Come to eFootball PES 2020 to feel the heat of the top games and participate in the world’s top leagues to win prestigious championships.

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