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Games on PS1 and PSX are always received Positive comments from many players around the world. Although they have become obsolete products, and it is difficult to find a device that can be compatible with them. That is, in the present time, if you want to play these products can only be done in two ways. One is to find an old PS system (and actually no one sells those products) or create it on the smart devices available. The first way is probably too hard to implement, and it requires real fans to have favorable conditions. But the second way, anyone can do it and can do it quickly. You only need to search on Google Play “ePSXe for Android” can make all famous games like Metal Gear Solid (1998), Tekken 3 (1997), Rayman (1995), … come back right on your smartphone. Obviously, all are free, and there is no cost to experience the most popular products a few decades ago.

ePSXe for Android can be said to be one of the most promising young faces of this genre. People use it a lot and give a lot of compliments for the team that produced it. Because of this, the new product has a firm foothold after only a few patch updates since its launch. With version 2.0.11, it has made more significant improvements than before, mainly features to promote the user experience on Android. Because, no matter how well the application is completed, it cannot be compared to those made just for gaming. Here, it is just a simulator, so there will be errors in a performance that are hard to detect in the production process. So after the users’ comments and comments right on the Google Play section, there are immediate changes.

Important updates

This is one of the best upgrades to complete the creative team’s criteria for the best application for users at the present time. In fact, the new connection protocols will be replaced and allow players to make all their experiences faster and more compatible with today’s smartphone products. Moreover, the application will include a lot of different tools, which have the same main features but bring different compatibility for users to choose to suit their device.

First, Pete OGL2 renderer will be preliminarily updated and give players one of the most powerful connections. You need to prepare yourself a powerful little device to be able to apply this feature. Because it is one of the most complex protocols created by master Pete, used to connect devices with almost all PS1 and PSX games. A feature that can cover everything you need for gaming. You won’t need to switch or search manually, just put the game in, and everything will be prepared and presented right before your eyes.

Besides, a new and fast OpenGL2 renderer is also included in parallel with the technology that Pete created. It will undoubtedly be weaker, and the compatibility will not be complete. But in return, it is lighter and more agile. It is one of the essential points to make this feature stand firmly in the application. Users with slightly weaker devices can sacrifice a few gadgets to be able to play games more smoothly, react faster, and bring better experiences. These two choices will work in parallel to deliver the best gaming hours to players around the world.

Gamepad – the most authentic experience

Another technological advancement makes your gaming a lot easier. Previously, when playing games on smartphones, you could only use virtual keys that were placed on the screen. This greatly hinders the observation of the situation in the game when the fingers will obscure the important points, and it does not get the best feeling anymore. How can you feel a joystick when there’s nothing really spin here. Integrated Gamepad for smartphones has become the best choice for players all over the world. What’s more, it’s cheap and easy to use, for a PS simulator, a standard MFi gamepad is perfect for gamers.

The dead zone configuration support has been updated directly into the application so you can easily install your gamepad. You need to attach them to the smartphone that everything will be installed automatically. In addition, if there are discomforts in the game or you want to change a little to suit your interests, it can be quickly done. Furthermore, thanks to the above compatible updates, players can quickly create their own “handheld consoles.” In fact, it would not be comparable to real handheld consoles, but it was perfect for a cheap, easy-to-install, and accessible experience. The accelerometer is also installed in the game to make it easier for players to align the application’s performance with different games. The application’s compatibility and performance are also maximized so that players feel they are really mastering the technology they are using. In general, it does all its best to be able to interact with players and uphold the highest customization possible.

A few small bugs will be updated and edited to bring the best feeling to the player. Custom gamepad skins will be fixed and get the best performance possible. You will be allowed to express your personality or simply because some surfaces are more suitable for your phone than others. Besides, some crashes when re-execute the app will be remedied comprehensively. It’s actually a few bugs about device compatibility, but with my new technologies, almost everything has been correctly prepared for this. So these cases will be much less frequent and usually only take place on old devices (if the equipment is too old, it should also be changed because the current medium-sized tools are also It’s a lot cheaper already.

Dual split-screen for 2

This is a pretty funny feature but more suitable for tablet devices. It is these old-style games that do not have the current multiplayer, so the two players on one set are added to increase the competitiveness and variety. For “ePSXe for Android,” players will split their screens into two halves and play games on one level. This is one of the most exciting and new experiences. If the player has one more friend, then this is really great.

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