"The new classic action RPG"
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    Making Fun, Inc.
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    Unlimited Money
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    August 2, 2020 at 12:31 am
MOD Info?

Endless rubies;
After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the ability to make endless money (only enable during the game).

Eternium is a classic RPG game, but its plot and groundbreaking gameplay make Eternium one of the mobile hits RPG.


Eternium is also known by gamers as a mobile game set that is extremely easy to move and control the character. With just one touch, players can control the character moves or attacks enemies. In addition to touching to attack, players can draw pictures to use combat skills. Entering into this game, players will be able to transform themselves into the characters in the game to perform the assigned tasks. First, the player will be instructed by the system how to play before embarking on difficult tasks. With level 1, players will meet low-level enemies to easily destroy and earn experience points. The faster you level up the more players will find the higher fighting skills. The game will take place in the main rank mode so players will have to destroy all enemies in the game if they want to unlock the next door. Items dropped from enemies can be gold coins that can be super equipment so remember to collect before moving to another battle zone. In the course of fighting sometimes the game character will be damaged and HP will decrease but do not worry it will automatically recover and do not have to lose gold or anything.


  • Except for online features, the game has an offline feature set up that makes it easy for players to join missions in any situation.
  • The game no longer uses the joystick, players only need to touch their hands to easily move characters to explore the game area and attack enemies. It helps players have more flexibility in performing operations in the game.
  • Unlike other role-playing games, Eternium is completely free to play and in-game purchases are entirely up to the player’s choice.
  • The character’s item level limit has now been increased from 70 to 77, reaching a level like it that makes you the best hero in the game.

Never pay to win is one of the most powerful slogans of this game. It challenges the patience of players when facing difficult tasks. And you?

All link download for Eternium
Download Eternium
V1.5.12 (Original)
Download Eternium
V1.5.12 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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