"An RPG with Pokemon style"
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    ZigZaGame Inc.
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    Unlimited Money/Unlock Restriction
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    June 8, 2020 at 6:10 pm
MOD Info?


1. 100% chance on capture
2. 999 Team Cost (No limit on putting heroes in team)
3. Game Unlock
4. 8M Silver
5. Equip/Unequip a weapon to gain massive stat boosts for that specific unit (Simulates Godmode/1 Hit, it’s still not the best implementation but for now it’s functional, doesn’t seem to be triggering detection)


1. Endless money;
2. Removed restriction on placing heroes in a team.

For those who are true fans of the game on the TCG will always think of Pokemon first. One of the cult brands from The Land of Cherry Blossom, Japan, has brought players countless strange and mysterious creatures that have never been known along with fierce adventures over new and exciting lands. That is why it has become the inspiration of many other developers in the world to create and develop their own interesting game-style game.

Evertale is one of the games that allows players to explore an extremely engaging storyline as well as experience a combination of open-world RPGs and mechanisms for arresting, training various types of beasts as in Pokemon. Developed by ZigZaGame, one of the companies that have been constantly striving to bring players many popular anime-style game products and Evertale is the success of the developer. This is when the game retains the core of the hit game while possessing many other outstanding features and features. From the first day of its launch, Evertale constantly received positive reviews from critics and received warmly from many players around the world. The game is also rated as one of the best-paid games on the app store. This will definitely be a game that gives players a lot of interesting and entertaining experiences in their free time.


The fictional world of Erden is suffering from an ancient curse of Pandenmonium, a cover of demons that appears only once every 100 years. Thereby only the legendary Crestbearer could end its destruction, but all failed to prevent it from returning to devastation again. Therefore, players will be able to join with two young heroes and allies that they make friends with during the journey and together rescue the world from Pandenmonium and end the long-term curse of it once and for all.

Catch Monsters, Evolve & Train

As above, Evertale combines an open-world role-playing game genre and a powerful monster capturing and training system. In the game, players not only catch wild monsters but also train them and evolve in many different forms like in the well-known Pokemon. The game uses turn-based role-playing gameplay so players will not have to use only one hero to fight, but must alternate the order of monsters and other heroes in their squad to win easily. At the beginning of the game, players will be following the storyline and choosing for themselves one of the three main characters with different classes and will begin to embark on a thrilling and exciting adventure. During the adventure, players will encounter many wild monsters hidden in the bushes on the roads they go to or in any different area in the world of Erden.

180 monsters and heroes across an impressive story-driven adventure!

With over 180 different species of monsters and warriors, players will go to capture, accompany them and fight side by side in dramatic and fierce battles. Each creature will have many different effects as well as skills so it requires players to have the skills to build strategies from hundreds of unique monster combinations to defeat opponents in 4v4 battles, full of attractive. Players need to know beforehand the effects of their monsters from which to calculate how it will cause the results on the opponent depending on each situation. During the matches, your heroes and monsters will attack in the order in which they are displayed in the left corner of the screen.

Players will have to use the MP shown on the right corner of the screen for each move they use. Especially here it is a game that gives players the ability to recruit wild monsters with blue crystals. During the capture process, the game will display the probability of capturing that monster, if reached 100%, the player can easily capture it, otherwise, the player must find a way to fight until it getting weaker further increases the probability of capture. Discover more legendary weapons, accessories, and equipment to strengthen your warriors and, above all, upgrade them to own a powerful squad.


Evertale gives players many outstanding features to satisfy to give players a more enjoyable experience

Enjoy the engaging story, meet and accompany with new friends throughout this journey to explore 6 vast lands of Erden. Each region is home to many different types of monsters. Capturing, training and revering for over 180 monsters and other heroes to form a unique squad of their own. Possess a variety of weapons, accessories, and equipment of Legendary level to strengthen the warriors as well as gain an advantage before the opponent. In addition, the game also includes real-time online PvP mode as well as guilds where players can join friends, chat as well as show their squad strength with other players. Participate in weekly online events to be able to unlock exclusive or limited characters and add your monster collection. The game will also provide many different side missions that promise to give players a lot of exciting entertainment.


Evertale has brought players a sense of immense satisfaction with the graphics in the game designed 3D standards extremely beautiful, vivid. The magical creatures in the game are also nicely designed even the special moves are also detailed with each type of animal that will have different types of effect moves. The scene in the world of Erden is built very creatively and engaging with players in different regions to bring experience to explore all as well as encounter many other creatures that I have not seen. Promises to bring the most familiar experience for Pokemon gamers.


The effect in the game is undeniable when the game brings a sense of satisfaction of the players’ joy in each skill effect of each hero or monsters. His very diverse and colorful. The sound in the game is also an indispensable element to create vivid in every blow to bring a sense of authenticity as well as clearly describe the sound of each scene in the game. Evertale is not only an adventure and adventure game but also gives players moments of satisfying entertainment in their spare time. This will be a game worth a try with any player around the world. Hurry up and download “Evertale” now to explore the world of Erden and win many different creatures.

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Download Evertale
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Download Evertale
V1.0.53 (MOD V2)

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