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Currently, entertainment strategy games on the phone market are growing. At the same time, the number of players responding to tactical games is also increasing. And of course, to satisfy the vast majority of players around the world, game developers must consistently create games with fresh content. Not only that, the gameplay of that game must definitely attract players by the attraction, and creativity. It can be said that it is not difficult for us to find exciting and interesting strategy games. But this is quite time-consuming for many gamers, so let us do this for you. In this article, I will introduce you to one of the best games in 2015 – Fallout Shelter. I can assure you that you do not need to worry about the quality of this game. Because it won the Winner 2015 Golden Joystick Best Handheld/Mobile Game – one of the most prestigious awards at the time. Developed by the famous game publisher “Bethesda Softworks”, the game gives you an extremely stimulating game. “Fallout Shelter” is a game with entirely new content and gameplay. It requires gamers to think of reasonable strategies to build a robust underground city.


It can be said that the way Fallout Shelter takes players to their main mission in this game is quite impressive. The game will put gamers in the desolate landscape of bloody human wars. Virtually all land and civilization acquired by humans has been lost by nuclear war. This situation is also one of the game manufacturer’s implications when talking about nuclear weapons in real life. If war were ever to happen again, there was a high possibility that humans would be pushed to the brink of genocide. And of course, nobody wants this tragedy to happen, and no one wants to survive in a world devastated by radioactive poison. “Fallout Shelter” puts players in the position of the shelter manager. Even if humans are trying to survive in any way, only the way to live underground is the safest option. The context is easy to understand, but maintaining the lives of the entire shelter’s people is a real problem. Players must simultaneously receive and rescue the victims of the war, and must just take care of the well-being and comfort for people living underground. Of course, in this apocalyptic tragedy, the existence of other survivor communities is entirely possible. And the fact that they attacked our base to steal resources is altogether understandable. Players also need to be alert when encountering these problems.


The core task of the player

Basically, Fallout Shelter is like a real survival game. The mission of the gamer is only one, which is to try to maintain the life of the underground survivor community for as long as possible. It can be said that the survival factor is the best highlight in this game. Instead of feeding the main character like in other titles, this game needs you to feed the whole community. Yes, the higher the number of people in your community, the more problems will arise, and it will require players to think about the future. The interesting point of this game is in the character system. Any civilization requires human resources to develop. So each person you get into a bunker will bring you unique skills. Their skills can be applied to a specific job in the game. There are seven different types of jobs in this game, and it is arranged in different characters: S, P, E, C, I, A, L. To build an active community in the bunker hidden, you have to apply well the properties of the character to do different jobs. If they do their best, the productivity that they can create for the community is enormous.

How you can gain an advantage in this game

You must be surprised by the super-realistic simulation in “Fallout Shelter”. Because, from building rooms to running all the issues in the community, it requires the intervention of the player. All problems in this game are closely related to each other. Such as maintaining power for bunkers. For those who have not played the game before, they will think that just enough human resources to produce electricity will not be a problem to consider. However, the large workforce in this game will affect the food issue. Besides, if players build large rooms and need a lot of electricity, the number of human resources specialized in generating electricity is also required to increase. Maintaining stability and balancing everything in this game is quite a difficult problem. So I would encourage you to address the three essential issues of the shelter, including electricity, water, and food. If your three indicators are superior, other issues will become easier to solve. Not only that, the productivity and happiness of the people will be increased. The happier people are, the higher their productivity will be. This is one of the core elements that appeal to this survival game. And of course, gamers should not keep the limit of these three indicators below the minimum. I dare assure you that many more problems will occur if you do not solve the three essential issues of the game.


Besides a genuinely challenging survival game, Fallout Shelter also offers players many other unique features.

Different and upgraded room upgrade system

Although survival is the core element in this game, but, to ensure social security, players need to know the proper arrangement of rooms. and the right technology to cope with any situation. Each room will have a unique feature and require a separate human resource. Your task is to arrange the appropriate characters in each different room. Moreover, depending on the properties of the room that the player should arrange it in the most appropriate way. In the first rooms, you should build weapons rooms to prevent outside attacks. Room types that play a key role in the game should be located deep underground. Besides, when players reach a specific population, new types of rooms will be unlocked. From there, the player can upgrade and expand the base indefinitely.

The game is a realistic simulation

It can be affirmed that this is one of the features that make many gamers attracted to this game. The issues of population, living conditions, happiness levels, complex issues surrounding survival,… all reflect a thrilling atmosphere and really attractive to players. But sometimes, this is a minus point of this game. It forces players to pay attention to the game almost all the time. Not only that, the game will still work when the player is not playing the game. The neglect of this game for too long, also means that you will have to play again from the beginning. For gamers who don’t really have a lot of time, this is definitely a drawback of the game.


In general, the image quality in “Fallout Shelter” is quite good. Players can completely feel every detail, the operation of the characters in the game. Besides, the colors in this game are quite bright. Although everything is happening underground, players will still feel the authenticity and appeal of this game.

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