FarmVille 2: Country Escape

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App Name FarmVille 2: Country Escape
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Size 139M
Latest Version 17.0.6594
MOD Info Unlimited Keys/Free Upgrades
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Update February 24, 2021 (3 days ago)
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[MOD V1]

  • Free expansion of warehouses;
  • Free purchase of missing items.

[MOD V2]

  • Free Speedup
  • Free Barn Upgrades
  • Unlimited Keys (not really unlimited but it lets you buy keys for free)
  •  All keys cost 1

Note: For the mod to work correctly, go through the training in the original, then install the mod without deleting anything.

You are bored with life in the city, noisy, noisy, etc. so you want to flee to a faraway place with fresh air, quiet and peaceful surroundings like shallow places like a village, for example. But what if you went to the remote islands and opened yourself a farm, amusement park, inn on it? Today, many titles help players relax in farm and urban environments, but very few games allow players to create a small village on an island self-sufficient essential supplies. Let me introducing you to a great game to help you build a small village with travel services on a beautiful island called FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape from the manufacturer Zynga. This is the home of the famous game FarmVille 2: Country Escape, if you love the countryside, you should also try this great game.


With the style of play like the famous games, you will be the owner of a remote island somewhere in the waters of Hawaii. Accompanying, you will be a lovely girl who always guides you while playing games. At the beginning of the game, you will have to rebuild the old inn you currently own. To repair or build, you need to select on the target, then the command will appear, which will appear in the shape of a hammer, hold your hand on the stick, and drag and drop on the target, so the construction Construction completed in a short time. After the repair is complete, you will continue to harvest pineapples from the plantation next to the inn. To harvest pineapples, you will select and hold the knife and scissors around the tree has grown to harvest. Besides, just pineapple will have coconut trees, and every 8 minutes will produce four coconuts. To be able to accommodate fruits, at this time, you will be instructed to build Silo, and the construction is similar to the inn. If there is an inn, there must be a bar. You will also develop and put a bar anywhere you want. The bar will always create drinks, especially smoothies. To create a smoothie, it needs three pineapples, drag and drops the pineapple after a while the pineapple smoothie will appear. The bar has a maximum of 2 slots to make any smoothie. To be able to stock vitamins and other items, you will be instructed to build a Boathouse next to Silo to store.

Wondering where the money will come from? Simply, to make money as fast as possible is to make an order from the bungalow, each order will require a certain number of items, you need to choose that order, after a period of time will complete the transport and You will receive money from those orders. Simple, continuous order will have money.
While playing the game, you will be introduced to other characters such as Domingo, Chloe, Maya, Luis, etc. Each character will have their workplace. You will also have access to new locations on the island, once you reach a certain level, the new area will unlock, besides new items will also be unlocked. Areas that will be allowed to access later will be Hot Springs, coral reefs, boat wrecks, volcanoes, caves, waterfalls, monkey temples, etc. And many other places are waiting for you.

Ensure an island full of fun, is an ideal place to open tourist services for tourists, the more your island is expanded, the higher visitors will get, the experience, the money brought by guests as well.


In addition to the deep gameplay, while playing and developing your island, players can also search for treasures and mysteries buried on the island for a long time, the more you expand the island, the more the amount of treasure will also be more. There are also visits and special places like volcanoes, caves, and monkey temples, these are the most famous landmarks on the island. Do you know what will attract more visitors when traveling to your island? It is convenient, by building bars, sushi restaurants, sculptures, and other shops, for a tropical island, having these things is too reasonable to open a small business for the island.

Besides, you can also build an animal center, in addition to tourists enjoying the vacation, visiting around, there is also exploring the animal world here. With the animal center, you can attract rare animals, especially on your island, and take souvenir photos of them to give to the tourists visiting here. Lack of raw materials and materials? Don’t worry, and you can also link to other islands from friends or relatives, you can exchange goods with each other. You can buy and sell things you need and have in the market, state the price and someone will come to buy it. Besides the unique features that make the game more fun, gentle, and relaxing, the manufacturer Zynga also promises to update many other new features for the player.

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