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FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL is a strategy game set in a fantasy world. The gameplay is very simple but requires the player to have a close tactical combination to lead to victory. Players will constantly participate in turn-based battles, the activity is very simple, it is to control each member of the team with the “Intuitive Touch Screen” control. Constantly giving orders so that the character can finish the opponent in a short time if the player tries to analyze the situation carefully and understand the nature of the member, the match will become easier.

The player’s party consists of many different members, each member will have a unique set of skills and roles. This makes it easier for players to set up tactics when there are many different ways of fighting that fit the current squad. However, each match the player can only bring a certain number of members, but can freely change other members during the adventure in this world.



Not only the traditional turn-based strategy, but players will also experience a meaningful and compelling storyline. Continuously exploring new places and majestic scenes that can only exist in the Fantasy world. Not only that, players can freely explore their surroundings and solve the mysteries contained in this world. There will even be some special rewards for uncovering the mystery.


Each character will use a different type of equipment to match their attributes. Players can collect equipment through battles or craft them at the smithy. To craft, players need to gather enough necessary materials through combat. Equipment can also be upgraded and strengthened at the forge when strengthened the stat will be added and the power will be improved. The special thing in the equipment is that if the player collects a full set, there will also be bonus effects.


Players will unlock new characters throughout the story experience, characters can be promoted through combat. His stats will be increased and new skills will be unlocked after reaching the appropriate level.


The game has a very simple and classic graphic style, making the player feel like the famous RPG games in the 10s and backs. Effects of skills will also be shown in a detailed and vivid way.

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Download Final Fantasy Tactics
V2.1.0 (Original)
Download Final Fantasy Tactics
V2.1.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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