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Whether you are a loyal fan of Battle Royale or just a player who just started participating in this genre, it is impossible not to hear the name of the game Fortnite. This game is not far from the global players on both PC or Console platforms. This is a game that has swept all the charts around the world. The game has earned a record revenue, exceeding the $ 1 billion thresholds from the first year of its launch. The game is so famous that it has appeared in one of the highest-grossing films of all time to date, Avengers: Endgame. The game appears when Hulk comes to Thor and he has the character name Lord Of Thunder, representing his character in the game.

This has shown the influence of the game on European and American markets. Now this famous game has appeared on the Mobile platform. There is only one limitation that it only works smoothly on high-end smartphones. But you will not worry about this because you already have help from us. Epic Games is a world-class and top-class game maker that has been confirmed through many famous titles such as Gears of War series, Unreal series… The game has received a lot of compliments and received great appreciation from the experts. So what are you waiting for without downloading “Fortnite” on the Mobile platform right now, to be able to enjoy the thrill of survival anytime anywhere?


With the Fortnite on this Mobile platform, the game retains the style of play that is causing a global wave of Battle Royale. You will have to control your character through the buttons created by the manufacturer on the screen. Players can use these buttons to move in a crawling or crouching position. Shooting buttons will also appear on the game’s play screen. A small note that you can also install yourself a gamepad to manipulate things easier.

To be able to win you must be the last person alive in the battle. Each match will be started with 100 players. At the beginning of the battle you and 99 other people will be sitting on a bus, moving with a random route through the map with many different terrains from mountains to plains, even sea. You can choose your preferred position on the map to land on a roller coaster and the fierce battle begins immediately after landing. What makes the difference in “Fortnite” gameplay with other Battle Royale titles is that it can be built. Players can delight in building the walls around him. Start from simple things to skyscrapers to shield and support you in battle. With this ability, the game can satisfy the creativity of the player. However, this feature will sometimes interfere because the vision when playing mobile will be limited quite a lot.


The game has 3 main game modes: Solo, Duos, and Squad. This game is suitable for relaxing and entertaining with friends. With 2 modes, Duos allows pairing of 2 players or Squad allows teaming with 4 players. You can invite your friends to create optional team play. If you only have 2 people but you want to play Squad mode, then that’s okay. The system will auto-match you with 2 other players to form a full team. In these 2 modes, the giver can receive help from teammates. The solo mode is for players who like to play alone and are confident of their ability to win. When playing Solo you will be confronted with all 99 other players with no help but your own skills. Players can also choose Solo Duos or Solo Squad if they are confident of their skills. In addition to the three default game modes mentioned above, Fortnite occasionally introduces other types of game modes. For example, 50V50, still a game with 100 players but will be divided into two teams fight against each other.

Features that make the brand of Fortnite

Building & Destroying

This is the feature that makes the brand of the game. When you first jump down the map, most of the same land is sparsely populated with only a few houses. You will be the one to build and determine the shape of the map. Let your imagination soar inside the game. Comes with creativity will be destruction. You can destroy objects you build or enemies build as shelters. When you see an opponent hiding behind a wall, raise the gun and shoot, so that it can destroy the enemy’s hiding place.

Weapons & Items

When you first jump off the bus, you do not have any combat equipment at all. Except for an ax to collect in-game resources like wood, bricks … You will have to run to the houses, where items are scattered around the map so you do not have to worry about the place. The items are also illuminated with different colors to let players know the quality of the equipment. Remember to pick up HP recovery items to use when you are attacked by enemies and losing it.

Customizable Characters

Players can spend a small amount of about 1 USD for 100 currency units in the game is V-Bucks. You can use V-Bucks to buy clothes from the store. This will make your character look more beautiful and cool than others. In addition to outfits, players can customize the look of harvesting tools, roller coasters or emoticons.

Match Pace

The map of the smaller game means the tempo is also faster. But that does not mean that the speed of landing on the ground is bloodshed. You can spend a little time to collect equipment items or materials for battle. But because of the fast-paced, the time you meet the opponent is also faster. But trust your skills and take them down when the opportunity arises.


Fortnite has a layer of 3D graphics but it is not made in a realistic way but is animated. This is also one of the attractions of this game. Because it is optimized for mobile platforms, the game’s graphics have also been slightly tweaked to increase the smoothness for the player. But still rated high graphics quality compared to other titles.


The effects in the game are mostly kept the same as the original in the PC or Console version. But some effects have also been changed to better suit the mobile platform, like the shadow effect completely disappeared. But most will not affect the player’s overall experience. The game has also added signs with pictograms on the mini-map to notify players of gunfire, enemy footsteps or chests in any direction. Sounds were also preserved from gunfire to the sound of crashing. Everything is taken from the original.

If you are a fan of Battle Royale genre in general or of Fortnite in particular. All can not ignore this Mobile version. You can experience the great things that the game brings anytime and anywhere. All you need is a device strong enough, stable connection and available Fortnite in the machine that if not, download immediately.

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