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Did you know about the Fast & Furious series? This is an action series that talks about the top racing in the world today. In the movie, there are countless scenes of high-speed racing in the arc that are gorgeous. Viewers can feel the excitement when watching the racing phase combined with extremely eye-catching action elements. You will not be able to blink when watching this movie because the speed of the movie is breakneck enough to make everything change in a snap. Not only Fast & Furious is a movie about a typical racing topic like Need For Speed, besides the movie, it is also indispensable for racing games. Racing-type games have long been popular with players, thanks to the dramatic experiences on the road that the game brings.

If you are a fan of racing games and are looking for a high-speed racing game, come to Forza Street now. This game is probably not strange to a large number of players anymore, because of the game’s popularity on other platforms such as PC or Xbox. And now, the game has been available on the mobile platform, the game has only been launched on the mobile platform that has received a lot of attention from gamers around the world. The game will bring players fierce racing on the lavish and magnificent streets of Miami city, which is famous for the racing of the underworld. Get ready to participate in the races and win the championship trophy.


Players will be playing as a new racer in Miami City, he challenges each player to climb to higher status and win as many as possible. He always tries his best in every race to win the opponent. The game’s plot will be divided into chapters, each chapter will have many opponents for you to challenge. Your competitors at the beginning will probably help you in the following races. There will be 3 main chapters in the game’s plot, including “Start Line”, “In Pursuit Of Truth” and finally “Under The Hood”. In each chapter, the person will be racing with different NPCs and win to unlock new chapters of the game.


The game revolves around only one travel problem, which is pure racing, with no action or destruction of anything in the game. Just a race to figure out who is the best driver of all time. All players need to do is speed up their car and then rush towards the finish line without any doubt. The gameplay of the game is quite simple and easy to understand but requires the player to watch and time the timing to accelerate or brake the car. When coming to the bends, the player must release the accelerator to reduce the speed to make the cornering easier. After passing the cornering, the player must press the accelerator to accelerate the car. The accelerator pedal will be located on the right side of the player for easy reach.

When the vehicle is at the starting line to prepare for departure, the player must keep the needle of the clock in yellow or preferably green to have a good starting point. A good start means you are closer to the finish line. You will hold the accelerator button to accelerate the car during the race. But there will be times when you need to let go when you approach the cornering that will make you slow down. Let go when the car is in the yellow area to bend the most perfect way. After you have passed the cornering, continue to press the accelerator to accelerate. Press the gas pedal in the yellow area to get a perfect acceleration phase. On the left side of the screen will be placed Boost Nitro key for users to breakthrough. Nitro will be loaded continuously throughout the race and when full, the player can use in 2 consecutive times. You need to follow in time to Boost Nitro because this can completely change the place of the player in the competition. It’s may increase if done well or the hope is down to zero. At a glance, the gameplay does not seem too difficult to play. But you will need to pay close attention to when to press or release the accelerator because a small mistake will make you lose the race.



Unlike other games like Asphalt, players have to spend about 5-10 minutes to complete a match. Then in this game, a match usually will only last for 1 minute or a bit more so the pace of the game will be very fast. Requiring players to have perfection, because just a small mistake that you can pay with your failure. Because each match lasts only 1 minute or more, players can play very quickly that suitable for breaktime relax. Even during stressful working hours if you want to find something to relieve stress, you can join a race and finish it after a while.

Purchasing Vehicles To Bring To Your Collection

The cars in the game are derived from reality and come from many famous manufacturers around the world such as Ford, Lamborghini, Ferrari … All these designs whether in any period are also included in the game for players to choose. From the cars that have entered the legend of the racing world to the current supercars, all are present in the game. Please give these cars your collection and show them off to everyone.

Upgrading Your Monster

One of the most indispensable features in any racing game is to upgrade your car to make them stronger. You have a lot of things to upgrade, but the only purpose is to overcome the current limits of the car. To upgrade you will spend CR, CR will be given after players join and win a race or complete the game’s mission.


Forza Street has a vivid 3D graphics format and extremely true in the details of the game, players will have a great experience that has never been before. Combined with the in-game camera angle, there is a constant shift between the view from the 3rd background to right on the hood and even near the tires. Players will feel like watching a live broadcast of a racing game. The setting takes place in the beautiful streets of Miami, the scenery changing over the seasons or the racing venue. The cutscenes turn alternatively also make sense of a blockbuster film.


The effect of the game is implemented smoothly and vividly no less when compared to the version of other platforms such as PC or Xbox. Motion effects, Boost Nitro effects … are made in reality-style to bring a great experience for players. The sound of the game is also very great finishing, will give players the sound extremely genuine. The sound of engines growling like an animal craving for hunting, drifting sounds … all are meticulously integrated to give the player a true experience as possible.

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