List of GAME
TFT: Teamfight Tactics
TFT: Teamfight Tactics is one of the most talked strategy games in the current time. It is a product of Riot Games, Inc. just released in 2019 and became famous thanks to its appeal. League of legends and favourite modified mode At the present time, LOL has up to 148 champions for players to choose […]

Pokemon GO
Pokemon games may not be too strange for players. When people think of Pokemon, they will immediately think of the Pokemon cartoon or will think of the famous Pokemon series released by Nintendo. Coming to the world of Pokemon, players will experience exciting adventures in a world where monsters called Pokemon are everywhere. Games in […]

Eternium is a classic RPG game, but its plot and groundbreaking gameplay make Eternium one of the mobile hits RPG. Gameplay Eternium is also known by gamers as a mobile game set that is extremely easy to move and control the character. With just one touch, players can control the character moves or attacks enemies. […]

Role Playing
Idle Miner Tycoon
Do you want to be the boss of a potential mine? Do you want to make a lot of money and become the richest person in the world from exploiting underground natural resources? Sure we all want to be rich, but being able to understand and run a mine is something that seems impossible. Because, […]

Dragons: Rise of Berk
“How to train your Dragons” is a very good and famous animation film of DreamWorks filmmaker. For anyone who has seen this film, I am sure that they will be impressed by the image of the strong, loyal, and also very cute dragons around humans. Not only that, the large world where the dragons live […]

AdVenture Communist
Have you ever heard of the Idle Clicker game genre? So what kind of game is that? Idle Clicker is a game genre that players have to click on the screen to get something regularly. Still, players will not need to click forever, after a period of time the game will automatically play instead of […]

Zombie Castaways
We are often impressed with the image of evil zombies that specialize in cannibalism, and it seems that the image has imprinted on the player’s memory that they have to destroy all the zombies. However, the game that I will introduce to you in this article may completely change your preconceptions. Instead of creating the […]

Mega Man X DiVE
For many players, the “Megaman” series is no longer a strange thing, and this is one of the titles that made Capcom’s name. But a long time ago, this series was ended in the regret of many players when a legend had stopped. But most recently, Capcom has decided to launch the game Mega Man […]

Angry Birds Transformers
Surely you are not new to the Angry Birds hit series, and if you are a passionate fan, you cannot help but know to the Angry Birds Transformers version. This is a combination of series: Transformers and Angry Birds. Here you will meet familiar birds control the transforming robots to fight with evil enemies who […]

Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors
Dragon Ball has been a topic of great interest to gamers all the time. The battles of Songoku and friends never ended. They always have to face strong opponents from all over the vast universe. Stick Hero Fighter – Supreme Dragon Warriors is a fighting game that has been warmly welcomed by many players. If […]