List of GAME
MARVEL Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight – one of the games that generated the most attention in the gaming community because of its unique gameplay and interesting content. And are you ready to participate in the battle to protect the world of this game? Plot When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’re sure to pay attention […]

Cafeland – World Kitchen
What do you think about developing a coffee shop yourself? I mean this is not a cafe that only serves regular drinks, but also serves a variety of nutritious meals. Of course, doing this is never easy, especially if you don’t know much about how to run such a coffee shop. Besides, opening a coffee […]

Candy Crush Saga
Are you a fan of sweet candies? Have you ever wanted to try and experience a world full of sweet things like candies? That will no longer be a dream because now there is a game that will give you a sense of colorful and sweet as it will lead you to a world full […]

SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off
SpongeBob is one of the animated films that have been on the market a long time ago. This is an animated film currently owned by Nickelodeon and brings enormous profits to this company every year. This is also one of the popular children’s cartoons because it is so funny and can be watched for relaxation. […]

Los Angeles Crimes Online
Los Angeles Crimes is an open-world style action game, with a wide range of maps, in this world players can do everything they want without having to fear the law. If you’ve ever heard of or played Grand Theft Auto 5 then you probably feel the similarities between these two games. In other words, Los […]

Through the Darkest of Times
World War II was one of the two wars with the largest scale in the whole world and involving the participation of almost all countries in the world. Its scale and devastation were even greater than those caused by the First World War and caused many deaths. The war lasted from 1939 and ended in […]

MARVEL Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions is a role-playing battle game with all characters taken from Marvel comics. A good idea to remember Stan Lee! During the past ten years, Marvel has become 10 one of he’s big in the entertainment industry when this name has a huge market share in many different areas. Even the latest […]

Role Playing
Mafia City
In the film, the Mafia is often portrayed as people with a lot of power and secret heroes. But what about the truth? Is the life of the mafia-like what players see on film? The game Mafia City is exactly a game that portrays what a mafia’s life is like. When coming to this game, […]

War Machines
From the Stone Age until now, there has been no time without conflicts. The Stone Age conflicts between tribes to gain food and territory. As people became more and more developed, large armed conflicts took place or wars between States. In human history, there are two world-class wars: World War I and World War II. […]

Manor Cafe
Do you often enjoy contemplative solitude with a small cafeteria while sipping a cup of tea? Have you ever sat looking at cafes and thought that in the future, you would definitely own such a place? Manor Cafe is a game from the young publisher Gamegos. They will probably be more popular with girls when […]