List of Puzzle
The House of Da Vinci
In The House of Da Vinci, the player becomes an apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci’s art and science genius. However, on a particular day, Da Vinci suddenly disappeared, and only you remained in a large house with many topics of scientific research and his works of art. Without meeting your genius teacher, you start to […]

Sand Balls
With only 46M, you can immediately download the game Sand Balls to enjoy the puzzles in the game. Gameplay The levels will start the game in the game. Players will be guided small balls according to his hand to help them overcome the obstacles. The main task of the player is to create a path […]

Tiny Room Stories: Mystery Town
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a game that promises to bring you new experiences about 3D puzzle games. In this game, you will transform into a detective who is returning to his hometown to investigate some problems. But he accidentally discovered a new world wrapped in it. The task of the player now is […]