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    July 31, 2020 at 9:49 pm
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  • Much money
  • VIP level 10.

For some people, the GTA game is one of the renown products. The most remarkable thing is evident, and it has been proven for many years, people come to this game to receive entertainment, unlike any previous product. For example, people want to be a police officer, always serving justice and righteousness, GTA offers tasks to allow people to become criminals and participate in the most exciting war in the underworld Thanks to that influence, there are many different game products released to satisfy the needs of players around the world.

Gangstar Vegas is also a type of game trending follower but it is a product produced by Gameloft. Actually, this manufacturer has done very well with most of their products; these people seldom upset their fans. Their number of fans has remained steady for many years. While there is no way to get big sales with the original, “Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime” still receives enormous support from the fans. The most obvious proof is that it has achieved over 50 million downloads in Google Play. There are also many other reputable game download sites that also post this game on their home page. It is always at the top of the most searched games. It’s never too late for you to enjoy a Gameloft game. Because although “Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime” has been released for quite some time based on the data that has been saved, the publisher still updates the patch regularly. The latest update patch has just been released this week only. That really proves that the publisher is always interested in all of its products, demonstrating the professionalism of a big player in the game industry.


This is a welcome event for the independence of the United States, July 4 every year. This is a significant occasion for this country, and it has a lot of exciting events that people in this country always expect. Americans really love the country and on this occasion, make sure that they will try to express it to the maximum. YANKEE’S POWER EVENT will bring players a star-spangled Street Cred challenge and unlock packs of patriotic weapons and high-flying rides! These challenges certainly make them feel really excited.

Dead zone event

Zombie mode always makes people feel attractive and fun. Although this content has been used many times over and over, you can see more than half of the famous, popular games; each has its own mode of Zombie content. However, everything makes people enjoy and support. Must mention the diversity and appeal of this genre. Although sharing the same name as Zombie, there are many types of variants to make people learn forever but not all. Each publisher has their own creations that make them more and more open and more productive.

During the DEAD ZONE event, players simply play an identical role as what they usually do every day. A zombie-destroying hero is too normal; a gangster kills zombies to save the world, which is truly rare. During this event, the player will help his city overcome the Zombie, and another unique feature is that there will be lots of new skins and zombie-slaying tools of destruction. With a happy spirit, this event is sure to bring exciting experience for its players around the world. The hot summer continued.

Fighting in Las Vegas as a real tycoon

Basically, its gameplay is exactly the same as you’ve imagined a GTA-based game. Players will play the role of a Gangster and join the world of criminals. However, there are still different variations. This has actually made a product beyond the shadow of GTA.

In Vegas’s criminal world, players are genuinely vandals. In the plot, you are a gangster but don’t want to be controlled by the Mafia. So you have taken actions to get rid of their tight circle and create yourself a separate gang capable of opposing. Your situation is now even worse than before when players have to face the mafia but also have to fight the police. Will you live in that global world?

The story in the game will guide you through 80 ACTION-PACKED MISSIONS of theft, assassination, auto racing, gang warfare. At every different stage of life, players always have to change plans, always beware of everything. Don’t trust too much in anything; your comrades can betray you. However, if you can coordinate with useful people, do not hesitate because they can give you unexpected benefits.

Social and cultural features only available in Las Vegas

If you hear about the reputation of this city, you will immediately think of the world-famous casinos. Besides, there is drowsiness of rich people here. Moreover, the Mafia’s underworld is played even more horribly. You can freely explore a giant designed map, almost with the real area of ​​Vegas. If you want, go to the deepest places in the slums, no one knows, no law, no police. There is nothing other than violence in this place, the fighting between the gang together, the shooting of the gun, the auto theft speed runs & more! Or sometimes it is fun to be able to plunge into huge and famous casinos. There will be a lot of utilities for you to enjoy, and if you are lucky, you can bring back tens of millions of dollars. Your bank account may grow unbelievably after just one casino ride. The game seems never to be boring because all the new content is updated regularly and quickly. Fresh challenges, new vehicles, extra weapons, and more missions, … Will make your life Gangster become endless fun.

Last update

Coming to the updated version 4.3.1a, players will receive a lot of noticeable changes in the summer event. This is the free time of many gamers in the world, so with many different activities, they indirectly make the game market exciting again. In order to describe two new limited-time events, we can only say it is an explosion both literally and figuratively. First, both events are hot and take players to the most engaging experiences. Everything is now far beyond the internal wars of the Gang. Monday in the gameplay of the event you can really set off the fireworks and put down the dead.

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Download Gangstar Vegas
V4.8.2c (MOD, Unlimited Money/VIP 10)


How to fix licenses!

  • If there is a Gameloft game on your device, it gives an error that is not installed, delete it and install it.
  • Turn off the network connection when opening the game, otherwise, you may be banned
  • Before downloading the game, please visit Google Play, find and download the official Gangstar Vegas version.
  • After the download process starts (about 5-10MB), cancel this process.
  • Next, install APK from our website
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