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Update January 21, 2021 (6 days ago)
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The gentle relaxing games are always a top choice when it meets the most basic needs of users. Nowadays, users have more and more choices in choosing one of the above games. And Gardenscapes deserves to be known as a prominent element when the game takes players into a familiar world, right in your own garden. When participating in the experience, you will embark on a journey to restore the wonderful area you once owned. Immediately after being released and promoted on many online platforms, the game quickly attracted significant attention from players and gradually asserted its position in the vast gaming industry.

The game takes on familiar but uninteresting content

You once had a truly wonderful garden, where you could spend hours relaxing. But after a while, you suddenly realized that your beautiful old garden had disappeared instead of ruin. You are determined to restore your old garden and begin a new journey. But without any journey is not difficult, as you will encounter many challenges and obstacles on the way to fulfill your wishes. Accompanying you on this journey will be Austin, your butler, and a lovely and very loyal dog. You will have to look to buy decorative items, gradually renovating the garden to your liking. What is more wonderful than seeing your work gradually perfect and beautiful every day. You, only you can have the ability to restore the splendid moment of this garden as before. You will also decide on the revival and development of this building when you will have to earn coins to buy the most beautiful decorations. What are you waiting for but do not quickly make your dream come true? Become the main character in Gardenscapes and enjoy the beauty of your labor achievements.

You will quickly be absorbed in the world in the game

With Gardenscapes, you will always be satisfied with the attractive features in the game. First, the addictive nature of the game is very high. While the theme of designing and decorating a garden, house or city is too familiar to users, the game still has a firm position in the hearts of users. So what makes the difference? First, it is definitely impossible to ignore the main task of the player in the game that is to rebuild the garden. You simply restore and decorate the garden, making it more and more beautiful. Then one day, when the construction is completed, you can sit under the tree again and feel the peace like before. You won’t have to worry about being lonely all the way, as there is the presence of a devoted butler and adorable puppy who will always be there to cheer you on. They will be a source of support and motivation for you to quickly accomplish this task. The game will lead us into different contexts of the garden with unique structures. And of course, because it has been forgotten for a long time, nothing will be complete. Broken fountains, mysterious mazes, an old mansion … will be the top inadequacies in your eyes. Your task is to solve that wreckage and proceed to rebuild with a more epic version.

The game brings a very light experience and bright colors

The strong impression in the heart of the player is the context of the game offering very pleasant with fresh green tones. As the name implies, “Gardenscapes” will lead you into a gentle story, where you will find familiar scenes you once loved. To do this, there’s no denying the success of building graphics. The game features two paintings before and after the renovation of the garden is extremely vivid and true. It is devastating, crumbling and somewhat pathetic when there is no human caring. On the other hand, it is a picture of abundance, of natural beauty after you devote much to the game. In addition, the tunes included in the game will bring a sense of lightness and smoothness to the player. From there, they will easily be immersed in this dreamy world and enjoy pleasant and relaxing emotions. What’s more wonderful after a long hard day, we are immersed in a peaceful world and temporarily forget the real-world hustle and bustle. This can be considered as a miniature social network when you can connect with your Facebook neighbors. Not only that, you can track and observe the changes in your friends’ works every day.

This is an attractive 2-in-1 game

Besides having to restore the garden by buying decorative items, players also have to join another mini-game to earn more coins and items. This mini-game possesses completely simple gameplay and is certainly too familiar to many people. Simulated with features similar to the Candy Crush game, the game is suitable for all ages including the elderly. Join this mini-game, your task is to skillfully arrange to three of the same fruits lying adjacent to each other to break them. It’s simple. Turning on will get lots of coins and bonuses from here. This will be the motivation for you to buy the necessary items and quickly achieve your own dream.

The special thing in Gardenscapes is the perfect combination of the 2 game genres. If in the field of design games, you are satisfied with your passion when in turn recovering your beloved garden. This work will be like you are gradually completing a colorful picture for yourself. Creativity and aesthetics will be the top priority when participating in the game. Not only will it restore enough, but you will need to consider the beauty factor as the old garden is enough to keep you captivated. Choose carefully the items that need decoration and arrange them in the right places to give an overview. The success of the game is the perfect combination of the two genres that seem to have no common ground today. On the other hand, this is also the strength when users will never get bored when experience alternating 2 games.

If you are a follower of the design game series then surely you will never be able to ignore Gardenscapes. Join the game experience, you will find the most peaceful and relaxing moments when living and building for your beloved garden. In addition, you will always feel relaxed with the fun mini-games included in the game. What are you waiting for without sharing this fun with your friends?

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