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    December 19, 2019 at 6:32 pm
MOD Info?

You’ve probably heard of the hit game Garena Free Fire as a hit phenomenon in the past, right? Immediately after being released, this game quickly created a craze among young people because of its desirable content and features. Garena Free Fire is an excellent example of the regeneration of the already vitally saturated genre in today’s context when there are so many exciting games with all kinds of games being born. Join the fight, you will have to fight with 49 others to gain the right to live until the end. The dramatic control phase, the shooting segment, beautiful bombs will immerse players in this real battle. The game is only for those who dare to think and dare to fight fiercely to become the last survivor on the deserted island. Be brave and pick up your gun ready to destroy your opponents.

The game opens a legendary arena of life and death

Come to Garena Free Fire, players will come to the most stressful and thrilling moments when faced with a series of difficulties and challenges that the game brought to. After a laborious training process, players will be equipped with the necessary skills in battle to ready to destroy the opponent. You and 49 others will be taken to a large and unspoiled island. This will be the place where dramatic encounters, meetings, and battles take place. The battle has begun since the first step on the deserted island. Now, be careful every moment because you are on the list of the extermination of the rest. Fight to the death because only one person has the right to survive until the end. This fierce, thrilling, and exciting battle will make you unable to take your eyes off, ignore or be caught off guard because it will lead to your failure. Within 10 minutes, you will know who is the last survivor, so be brave to confront and kill as many opponents as possible. Stepping on this deserted island, you must be a fearless warrior possessing many professional fighting skills. Therefore, escaping will not be a highly prized plan because, in the end, you will still have to face your own enemies. Moreover, the fight will help you train the spirit and skills to use weapons. A large arena, not encapsulated merely in a narrow context opened right in front of you.

You need to stand side by side and coordinate with your teammates

It will be difficult if the player has to fight alone, so “Garena Free Fire” allows you to join and fight as a team. You need to have solidarity and close coordination with your teammates in supporting each other and destroying enemies. During the battle, you will encounter many unexpected problems such as running out of blood or running out of weapons, greatly reducing your fighting ability. Meanwhile, a good ally will offer significant help. Think together to come up with the most optimal plans and plans to eliminate the enemy. Like any other action game, teamwork will be the key to help you solve all problems. So how can you recruit new talents? You create a room and invite close friends to become teammates in birth and death together in every moment of death. The team can have up to 4 people and can communicate, connect with each other, or make a plan through the voice chat system. A lot of lovely stories, as well as the relationship between 2 strangers, arise from this place. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the features that players are incredibly prominent and really attractive in the game. If you are not confident enough in your ability, drive to safe places on the map to avoid fighting or to hide in terrain like in the grass … This will be a time of desire living in you will be a powerful boom. Try all the plans to ensure your life. With the help of the in-game features, your mission will be easier to accomplish.

The game paints a magnificent battle panorama

Entering the world of Garena Free Fire is coming to the most stressful and dangerous moments when the survival boundaries are now really fragile. So what do you need to do? Find your weapons quickly, and keep in mind whether you’re still in a safe zone or not. Fighting for the spoils of enemies is the option many people choose because those items will be essential for your upcoming journey. One advice that many gamers convey is that you should search for hearing to get many quality items and modern weapons. At the same time, look closely on the map and stay away from the areas where the bombardment or concentration of enemies with too dense.

Remember, the last survivor will become the winner, so be very wise in action and stand firm for a long time. Put yourself in a life-and-death arena like this, the game will arouse in players who want to win and desire to become an independent factor. Players will like entering a real battle when each context and action phase brings the most potent and authentic feeling. To do this, we must not ignore the significant contribution of delicate graphics and explosive sound quality in the game. Although only released under the mobile game version, players can still enjoy good quality not inferior to the more modern versions. It is clear that what the game has brought to the player is not only an investment in the thrilling story content but also the creativity and aesthetics in each shape. Every scene or movement of the character is breathtaking and smooth. More specifically, the bomb match, gun battle, or armor is wholly stimulating and attractive to players. In addition, the sound system when the confrontation occurred adds to the authenticity of the game. The sound of each trajectory of bullets, of crumbling sounds … further stimulated players and made them yearn to be victorious.

Sum up

It is clear that for the fans of the survival action series, Garena Free Fire was born for you. The game meets all that you are expecting in this game genre. It is no coincidence that the game can resonate so strongly? The publisher has carefully researched the tastes of the users as well as invested in self-content to images and came up with an extremely reasonable strategy for the game. Open up a gloomy atmosphere where you only have one choice: fight until you can’t. Are you ready?

All link download for Garena Free Fire (MOD Mega)
Download Garena Free Fire
V1.41.0 (MOD Mega)
Download Garena Free Fire
V1.41.0 (Unzip to "Android/obb" patch)
Download FFH4X - Free Fire
V1.0 (Support App)

Installation Instructions
  1. Download APK and OBB “Free Fire”
  2. Unzip the OBB file to “Android/obb” patch
  3. Install APK
  4. Installing the FFH4X and Parallel Space Pro, make sure the “FFH4X” app and Free Fire game are added to Parallel’s virtual space.
  5. Open FFH4X and click “Launch.”
  6. Play Free Fire with hack
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