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    October 3, 2020 at 1:01 am

Most recently, the game maker miHoYo has just made the latest announcement that they have decided to release the game Genshin Impact. Since the resounding success of the Honkai Impact 3 game, they have now come up with a game that can rival or even surpass the elder. Ever since this information was released, it has attracted a lot of attention from players to the game. A lot of players were looking forward to playing this game, but when the game came out, everything was far beyond what players expected. The game gives players an exciting experience about both the gameplay and the storyline for players to enjoy.

From the publisher of Honkai Impact 3

The story of the game takes place in Teyvat, this is a virtual world, where the seven elements of the world gather here. Since ancient times, people have worshiped the gods to wish for peace, and this has become a belief. Thanks to the beliefs of human beings in God, they decided to give humans the power to control the elements. Thanks to this power, everything becomes easier; they can build houses on the desert, freely flying thanks to the power of the wind element. But not everyone is given this power by the gods, but the gods only gift the chosen ones to something called Vision. However, since the event of the death of the world 500 years ago, everything has changed; the god is no longer with humans. Players will become a Traveler to start their journey to find the seven gods who hold the seven elements and search for their loved ones.

Free to explore

The world of the game is vast and is divided into many different continents for players to explore. They are divided into lands called Mondstadt, Port Liyue, Liyue, and many other lands for players to explore. Although it is a vast open-world, all of them are carefully elaborated by the creative team to show the beauty of this land, all look perfect, from the grass, the old trees, mountains, and lots of other things; they all look alive. In this land, many mysteries have not been discovered by anyone so that players can do it.

Diverse mission system

Players will be given a lot of different tasks for the player to perform. Through quests, players will be going deeper into the story of the game, so that players know more about the game. During the mission, the player can go to many different lands, learn new things about this world.

Fight with monsters

In this game, there are many different monsters that players will face, not only monsters but sometimes will be humans. Each time a player fights, they can choose four characters to start the battle. Players will control a character in four people to fight and do missions. Players can change between four characters to select the appropriate character in each battle situation. Currently, according to the game’s story, there are 30 characters that players can unlock, characters like Amber, Captain Kaeya, Jean, and many others.

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