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Perhaps the player was no stranger to the legendary Grand Theft Auto series or popularly known as GTA. This is one of the popular open-world games of all time and becomes one of the monuments of the gaming industry. The game that is getting the most success of the entire series is “GTA 5”, but before that, the fourth part of the game laid the foundation for success. Grand Theft Auto IV is the one that laid the foundation for all the success of the junior, and later this is also one of the hugely successful games. If the player has not tried this game, you should try it now to know what has been rated the best.

Deep plot

The story of this game will revolve around the character is Niko Bellic, a veteran Yugoslavian who immigrated illegally into Liberty City. After months of sailing on the Platypus, he finally found a way to dock. His purpose when he came to Liberty City was to search for his cousin Roman and pursue the American dream together. But that was not the only purpose he came to this city to find a traitor who betrayed his platoon during the war. It was because of this man that his two teammates had to sacrifice on the battlefield, so he had to catch the traitor to avenge. When he arrived, he realized that everything Roman told him was a lie, and he would have to do everything to make a living. But what should an illegal immigrant like him do to earn money? The only way to go is to do illegal work for tycoons to make money. So what happens when he gets caught up in the siege of crime in this city?

Perform the task

The game has a huge task system for players to explore and perform. Through doing this task, players can explore the plot of the game and learn many interesting things. Players can know the revenge journey of Niko and the way for him to fulfill his American dream. On the map, there will be many marked locations, and players move there to receive missions. The missions of the game are related to criminal jobs such as drug trafficking, murder, and many other things. When a player completes a task, the player will receive rewards, either money or non-money.

Violence and freedom

For the Grand Theft Auto series, violence seemed to be indispensable in this game. During the game, all that the player does is involve violent acts. When coming to the game, players can also freely do everything they want, such as robbing cars, hitting people, or even killing people. Players can go to the weapons store, buy a grenade launcher, and use it to blow everything away. But this freedom will be restricted by one force, that is the police. When the player commits too many crimes, the police will hunt down to kill the player. So be careful with your actions and do not do too many foolish things to be able to complete the game.

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