Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

App Name Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
Size 145MB
Latest Version 3.0.1
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Update January 14, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
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  • Free crafting and building (you can build without resources);
  • Dividing items increases their number;
  • Unlocked some VIP subscription features;
  • You can share single items;
  • You can craft using closed recipes;
  • Fast work of machines (items are crafted in a second)

After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:

  1. Fast movement across the map (events do not appear without spending energy);
  2. You can build in any location (turn it on before entering the location);
  3. Immortality;
  4. High damage;
  5. Fast walk;
  6. Mobs stand still.

Games on the topic of survival are always one of the things that attract a lot of players to experience. Typically, we can mention cult names like PUBG or Fortnite, both are very popular in the world. But they mostly shoot each other to compete for survivors rather than survive in the wild. But only true games like that bring survival experiences for players to experience. The game that can do it well is the name Grim Soul – a survival game full of dangers for players to experience. This game gives players a very attractive sense of survival when you come to it. If you want to be a survivor, you have to do everything you can to achieve your goal. What would you do in places that are dark and surrounded by threats that are always waiting to eat you?

This game is often compared to Last Day on Earth: Survival because both have similar gameplay, but there are so many other things. If you say the game Last Day on Earth: Survival is set in modern times, Grim Soul comes to the medieval atmosphere for you to experience Plaguelands is one of the most prosperous cities of Imperial, but that is only in the past. The main reason was that the power of the dark lord was too strong, and now one can do anything about it. Humans could not resist his power, so the whole thing seemed to have been turned into zombies or shadow slaves. Players will be played as one of the rare survivors in this place to experience the game. A mist surrounded this land or even other locations, and all humans were turned into zombies to attack the survivors. In a dark and gloomy world like this, what do you need to do to survive? All decisions are up to you, making decisions to be able to survive in this land.

Discover new lands

At the beginning of the game, the player will be provided with land to survive. If on the map it is the player’s home, there are very few monsters on it. Initially, there will be monsters, but the player can kill all with weapons or even bare hands. Players will begin to exploit the resources here to create items. But at some point, all resources here will run out, and players need to go to other lands to collect. But when the player starts his home, you will see the danger out there that is lurking to attack you. So players should prepare carefully to be able to fight back or run when attacked. The game also has many dungeons to be able to challenge players. Although it is full of danger, when the player screen explores it, you will receive a lot of rare items to use.

Finding water and food

In the game, there are two things that players must have to survive, that is food and water. Initially, the player can pick wild strawberries to eat and restore Food and Water. But this is not the long term; if the player overeats of these things, you will get sick. Players now need to throw up everything, and if you do that, your health will be significantly reduced. The way to find food is from animals like deer or wolves; you can kill them for meat. But if you do not cook them when you eat, you will get sick; it is best to cook before eating. As for water, players need to build a well to get water and use.

Build bases and learn how to make

In the game, there will be some essential resources such as grass, stone, copper, and wood, which are necessary things to craft. Initially, the player did not have the tools, so they could only gather scenes of trees and rocks to make axes and hoes. These two things will help players gather more wood and stones to build themselves a home. A home is something that a player must have to take refuge in danger because when the player enters the house, monsters will not be able to enter unless you open the door. Players can also create many more things to fight and support players. Initially, the player only has clothes made of cloth and a stick to make weapons. But when the higher level, the player can build spears, swords, and much other powerful equipment to fight. Even if the player has enough resources, they can even prepare magic drinks to use to increase strength and recovery.

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