Gods of Boom

"A super slick super shooty super shooter"
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    Game Insight
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    Unlimited Bullets/No Reload
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    October 20, 2020 at 12:07 am
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  • Endless ammo
  • Instant recharge

Everyone knows that the “Fortnite” phenomenon has been a windstorm for about a year or two. One of the factors that make the great success of the game “Fortnite” is thanks to the extremely friendly and eye-catching graphics. But for those who can only own a decent phone, it is very difficult to have access to such games of graphics scale. Many developers have tried to bring “Fortnite” style graphics to the mobile platform. Among them, “Game Insign” is one of the developers who has been very successful in this with the Guns of Boom game.

“Guns of BOOM” is a shooting action game genre in the first person. The first feature is that this is not a pay to win the game. You can completely buy everything with the money you earn in the game. Of course, you can spend your real money to buy items and that will not affect the balance in the game. Whether you need any kind of weapon, you can show your skills fairly and fairly. The game has a main interface similar to other Battle Royal games like “Fortnite”, “PUBG”, which gives a lot of players a familiar feeling. At first, you will be taken to a gym so the game can show you how to play. Actually this is a completely unnecessary thing. You can completely control the way you control and aim in the game. You can continue if you want or click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen to exit. At this point, the game will put you in an immediate battle. “Guns of BOOM” has a nice feature called auto-firing. This is a huge plus for a video game that takes the genre of first-person shooters on mobile phones. If you feel that this feature makes the game too easy, you can completely turn it off in the settings of the game.

In addition, another feature that helps players a lot in battles is that your character will automatically switch to secondary weapons to use as soon as the main weapon is firing and out of ammo while the enemy is still around. Very convenient, right? You will fight with your teammates to defeat other players. All players come from all over the world. After the battle is over, whether you lose or win, you will receive rewards that are money and experience. The game has many different game modes, including: Team Deathmatch (divided into two teams fighting against each other, the team that kills more kills will win), King of the hill (playing in the style of flagging, the team that does better in capturing the base will be the winning team), Control points (this is the points diet, the team that achieves the first 1,200 points will be the winning team), and Payload (each team will take turns protecting and escorting the team’s bunker to a safe place, avoiding being attacked by the enemy team). In addition, the game still has many other game modes under development and will dock in the near future. The game also has a Pro Play game mode, which the developer organizes once in a while. This is an Esports tournament with players participating from around the world.

The weapon system of the game is also very large, divided into 6 different main weapons. The first type of weapon is the Assault rifle with 12 different gun models with decent damage, rate of fire and range, very suitable for new players. The second weapon, Shotgun, also includes 12 gun models. This is a very high damage gun, but the range is short and the rate of fire is slow. The third type is the Rifle also 12 gun models. The strength of this gun is that it possesses long-range and great damage. The downside of this gun is the slow rate of fire and it is difficult to hit at close range. The fourth type of machine gun is the Machine gun, consisting of 12 models. This type of gun has a great plus point is that it owns a huge amount of bullets. In return, the recoil of the gun will be very high, so the timing will be harder, the weight of the gun is also quite heavy so it will make your movement speed slow down.

The sixth weapon is the Pistol with 7 different models. Unlike the weapons mentioned above, the Pistol is a secondary weapon. The strength of this weapon is that you can shoot freely and your movement speed will not slow down, with very little recoil. The downside of this gun is that it has limited ammunition along with a low rate of fire and a small amount of damage. You should only use it when your main weapon runs out of ammo. The last weapon is a battle with 7 different models. The characteristic of this weapon is very short range, but the damage caused is very high. You should only use melee weapons when all your weapons are out of ammunition. The higher your level, the more you can unlock more genuine weapons. In addition, you can also decorate your weapons by putting on them photos of the beautiful skins that the game offers you.

Another feature of the game is the system customized character appearance. You can let your character wear the costumes you like, such as the leaves of the Viet Cong soldiers, or the uniforms for playing rugby, etc. In addition to those costumes, the game also plays. give you hundreds of other beauty items, help you unleash creativity. In addition, the game’s publisher regularly launches preferential events for players. These events will give you lots of rewards including bonuses so you can freely buy weapons and beauty items for your character.

The sound in the game is very realistic and vivid. In every battle, if you wear a headset when playing, you can clearly feel where the gunfire is emitting. This makes the game fiery battles more authentic to players than ever before. The graphics of the game are 3D in the style of “Fortnite” but perfectly optimized on mobile phones, very suitable for the majority of players. On top of that, the game also supports cross-platform play between Android and iOS. This shows that the publisher has done very well in connecting all players together. “Guns of Boom” is also a very good choice for you to relieve stress after a long day of studying and working stress. You can play with your friends, relatives, and colleagues whenever and wherever.

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