Homo Evolution: Human Origins

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Every day, the game market is always exciting because publishers are constantly launching new games with many different genres and gameplay. Some games have realistic gameplay, and some also have unrealistic content and gameplay. But thanks to this unrealistic, the game entertainment industry has become as diverse and rich as today. Most of these unrealistic games are very popular with the large number of players. Simply because these games have simple gameplay but rich in entertainment, fun, used to relax during stressful working hours and especially suitable for all ages.

One of the unrealistic game genres is Idle Clicker, for these games with very simple gameplay, players only need to constantly click on the screen to produce money or a product depending on the internal content of each game. And constantly upgrade the system to multiply the amount of product produced in one tap. There is even a feature to automatically play and produce money or products while the player is away. And today I’m going to show you a game of this genre that is currently popular on Google Play. It is Homo Evolution: Human Origins of CASUAL AZUR GAMES, currently the game has reached more than 10 million downloads and continuously received positive reviews from players for the quality of content and gameplay full of entertaining and funny.


The content of the game revolves around joining the same individuals to evolve into a higher-level individual, from which gradually evolves into humans and begins the journey of human development through the different periods on earth. Even players can evolve to the cosmic scale outside the earth.

The game has very simple gameplay, players will quickly get used easily after 1 minute of the game tutorial. In the beginning, at that time the earliest stages, the origin of all animals originated from reptiles. Players will wait for the eggs to fall, tapping on the first instance of evolution, the reptiles. When the player has 2 identical individuals, they can match them. When combined, it will create a higher-level individual, and from then on merge the individuals together to create a new instance continuously. If the player is constantly paired and succeeds in creating the highest level instance of the current period, the next round will evolve into a new era. Players can tap on items on the screen when tapping on them, it will generate money. The higher the level of an individual, the greater the amount of money it creates. They will also automatically produce money after a certain time and will continue to produce even when the player is away.

With such simple gameplay, players will constantly have great moments in human evolution. Even reaching out to the distant universe.


To make it easier for people to pair, the game also has some other interesting features to make the game’s pace faster. Features include


If the gameplay forces the player to wait for the eggs to appear, they will quickly become depressed. So after they have grafted on a certain individual, they can use the self-made feature to buy existing ones to graft them directly without waiting for the eggs. But as players buy more, their prices will begin to rise, which makes it difficult for players to buy them in the next batch.


The next feature will be called Upgrades. Unlike Creatures, it only allows players to upgrade certain stats such as: Reduce egg spawn time, Piggy Bank, Mixing scale, Creature in an egg (the level of an individual from an egg, the more an upgrade the higher the individual level) )


Multiply the amount of money produced in a certain period of time, or reduce the appearance time of the eggs, and many other boosters to help players quickly receive more money or evolve to a higher level. And the last feature is Map, here will display the galaxy in the universe, your starting point is the Earth. But not only will you show a map of the galaxy, but there will also be tasks for you. Some missions will be space exploration, you can choose any mission you want, the time to complete the task will be random, the more time you have, the more money you can bring from the trip.

To help the game meet the evolutionary theme of humankind, the game will have more than 12 evolutionary stages throughout the game, which include: Early-stage, First people, Macro, Bread, transmission figure, internet, sport, science, peripheral homogeneity, virtualization, transformation, worship of power. In particular, the following 8 stages will develop together in parallel instead of serial as previous periods.

If you always want an Idle Clicker game with a lot of entertainment, fun combined with graphics, creating humorous individuals, “Homo Evolution” is the perfect choice for you.

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